Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's Hit the Streets

"The Boston Tea Party arose from two issues confronting the British Empire in 1773: the financial problems of the British East India Company, and an ongoing dispute about the extent of Parliament's authority, if any, over the British American colonies without seating any elected representation. The North ministry's attempt to resolve these issues produced a showdown that would eventually result in revolution."

There are parallels to the Boston Tea Party today: 1) The British East India Company was being given an assist by the empire when it forced colonists to pay a tax on tea (today: TARP, Cap and Trade, etc.), and 2) taxation without representation (today: voting for bills without reading them and amending them in the middle of the night). If you agree that the government should not be using your tax dollars to help corrupt corporations and that it should not be taxing you without listening to your opinion, then you should be part of the modern Tea Party protests.

If you have opinions about other issues that aren't related to these issues, you have a right to those positions because you are a free person. But these other issues are not what the Tea Party protests are about in my opinion. If we are going to stop this government that is destroying our rights under the Constitution, we have to fill the streets with lots of people. The government has to know that we've reached our limit. They have to know that our rights are unalienable. If you agree, then it is time to hit the streets and express your opinion. We can talk about theocracy and abortion, immigration and smoking rights later. Let's get our freedoms back first. Then we can disagree in peace and express our opinions without fear.

I appreciate all the hard work of Richard and Laura and the people who are organizing what I think is one of the best Tea Party groups in the country. Indiana has some of the most articulate, educated and principled members anywhere. This group is a fine example for the nation. But we are all still learning about organizing at a grass roots level. Let's have an incredible protest on Saturday and show Washington that we are serious about keeping our Constitutional rights. Let's make them stop all this spending.

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