Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Solution to Galloping Socialism

We’ve talked about it for decades. We’ve warned about the hidden strategy of progressives to tinker piecemeal with our choices until they arrive at full socialism, without our knowledge or consent. We have seen the creeping socialism of "liberal" advocates over the decades who claimed they only wanted to “improve” things. We have now arrived at Galloping Socialism. Things are moving so fast with so many 1000 page bills full of who knows what, that we can't keep up with it. It is mind boggling by design. President Obama and the progressives that he leads have decided to just get it over with and move us full-scale into complete government control of our lives. It is as simple as that.

Oh, they will continue to say they are merely trying to make things better, to reduce costs, to clean the environment, to improve our health care system; but the truth is that none of their programs is making things better and something has to be done to stop this idiotic full-speed-ahead dash into dictatorship.

Over the last few days we’ve been told that the Republicans in Congress are refusing to collaborate with the Democrats; that the Republicans have become the “party of ‘No’”; intent on just sitting by the sidelines while the Democrats make all the moves that will presumably make society better.

The Democrats control the government and they can do virtually anything they want. Why do they need the help of the Republicans? They want to establish the principle that statism, government intervention in the economy, is something we all want and that the only differences are among minor issues. They are trying to cash in on the fact that the Democrats won the election and that means, to them, that the Republicans should just “me too” the Democrats' move to dictatorship.

The truth is that this galloping socialism will destroy the fabric of our society; a society built up on the foundations of individual rights and capitalism. The Democrats think that if they can obtain bi-partisan support for their boondoggles this support will give them the cover they need to proceed roughshod over our freedoms. But here’s the secret to their need for bi-partisanship: If the Republican opposition participates in the destruction of freedom, that means the Democrats will blame the Republicans for destroying our freedoms. This will give them the cover they need to slip out from under the responsibility they hold for the coming destruction.

There is only one way to stop this galloping socialism. We must become the country of "No." I am calling for a complete rejection of the Democrat’s agenda, a full refusal by the American people and the political opposition to participate in the socialization of our society – a refusal by Republicans, Independents and any Democrat who has a semblance of common sense. The entire society must rise up to reject any legislation, any program, any package and any regulation that is advanced by Democrats – without debate – just a full rejection of anything they want to do. The entire nation must say, “Enough.” We must say that we do not want socialism, we don’t want socialized medicine, cap and trade, government control of Wall Street, Main Street, government motors or anything else that reeks of Corporatism and control over our individual decisions. It is time to say “No” to everything.

Of course, I know what they’ll do; they’ll tell us they are just trying to help people and they will act as if they’ve been misunderstood. As long as you believe that, you are part of the problem.

It is much easier to tell your elected officials to stop all the tinkering; to just say “No” than it is to evaluate each bill, dissect each bill or even read each bill. We know that these people will only bring us more misery, higher taxes and more control over our lives. It is time to stop writing to your representatives about this bill or that bill; just write to them once a day to remind them to say "No" to every bill that comes up in Congress. That's it. What more is needed?

Want to guess how fast the economy will improve if we do this?

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