Friday, July 10, 2009

Reading the Prophets

The Obama administration appears to have an ideological bent that it tries to hide. Based upon some of the things that President Obama does not say, this bent is clearly Marxist. Obama hides this by claiming his views are based upon the advice of the best thinkers. This is a cover story. Look at what he does, not what he says.

As I wrote in a previous blog, Obama is clearly guided by the same premises that animated the social progressives and fascists during the last century. To repeat, here are the premises as described by Ludwig von Mises:

1.“Capitalism is an unfair system of exploitation.”
2.“It is therefore the foremost duty of popular government to substitute government control of business for the management of capitalists and entrepreneurs.”
3.“Price ceilings and minimum wage rates, whether directly enforced by the administration or indirectly by giving a free hand to trade unions, are an adequate means for improving the lot of the consumers and permanently raising the standard of living of all wage earners.”
4.“Easy money policy, i.e., credit expansion, is a useful method of lightening the burdens imposed by capital upon the masses and making a country more prosperous.”
5.“All those who deny the foregoing statements and assert that capitalism best serves the masses and that the only effective method of permanently improving the economic conditions of all strata of society is progressive accumulation of new capital are ill-intentioned and narrow-minded apologists of the selfish class interest of the exploiters.”
6.“The advantage derived from foreign trade lies exclusively in exporting.”(1)

Clearly Obama is advancing a fascist agenda. How can it be defeated? What are the best arguments about it and how can those arguments become known by many people?

We have been here before. During the Carter years there was a groundswell of dissent that was based on the ideas of a number of scholars and authors from the past. Many of these ideas influenced the Republicans and, in particular, Ronald Reagan who was able to articulate a positive message of American renewal.

Unfortunately, the principles of free market economics were co-opted by the Bushes who were willing to take conservative support but who were not really conservatives. They were liberals, neo-cons who felt you had to out-liberal the liberals in order to win political power. They certainly gained power, but look at the condition in which they left the country.

Now, even more, we need to get back to those prophets who provided the foundation for the renewal that Reagan brought and we need to make sure that, this time, we honor the enduring principles that they represent.(2)

Here’s my book list:

(1) Omnipotent Government, Lugwig von Mises, Libertarian Press
(2) Please note: I've added a couple of new Prophets

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