Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beneath "The Big Lie" of the Tucson Shootings

Leftist politicians and media are doing everything they can to silence political opposition. They are telling “The Big Lie” that so-called “right wing” criticisms of the left are responsible for the assassination attempt on Arizona Congresswoman Jeffords in Tucson.

“The Big Lie” is a journalistic principle whose tactic is to repeat a lie often enough that it becomes the truth. Tyrannical regimes throughout history, and especially in modern times, are known for using this tactic to control opinion and justify draconian measures against political opposition. It is being used today by revolutionaries like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela to cover up the damage he is doing to his country. And it is being used here by progressives to cover up the influence and importance of the Tea Party Movement.

Some are even saying that the mere use of graphic images such as targets and crosshairs by Sarah Palin are suggestive of violence against politicians. This is being said about a person who has never advocated violence of any type, at a time when Frances Fox Piven (a well-known architect of the “stressing the system” political strategy) is calling for violent revolution against the rise of Tea Party influence.

“The Big Lie”, of course, is a lie. You can say something as often as you’d like but if it isn’t true, it is a deliberate mis-identification of reality. The consequences are misunderstanding and ineffective action. It is a harbinger of a defeated society blindly walking the path toward oblivion.

With all this lying going, there are a few truths that are being ignored. These truths are being buried under “The Big Lie” story line - but if they saw the light of day, they’d help us realize what is really going on in our country. Let’s take a look.

Liberalism/progressivism is violence to the American system. This philosophy advocates government coercion against individuals...a forcible taking of the peoples’ money for the sake of "solving" non-problems created by stoked up rhetoric and altruistic demands that something be done immediately. It is this violence to the lives and futures of Americans that the Tea Party Movement has been attempting to bring to light. They are answered by progressives with sexual slurs, lies and charges of violent behavior that have never been substantiated. If the only thing the left can do about the Tea Party is lie, this tells us something about the low intellectual level in our progressive leadership.

Productive people are always the most civil. They are peaceful in their dealings yet today face the violation of their rights by legal means. Violence today is institutional because of massive stimulus and re-distribution programs. When average citizens protest what they see as legalized plunder and defend their rights through protests and blogs, they are ridiculed and accused of wanting to do violence to the system that is really the source of violence.

The Tucson Safeway shootings, on the other hand, were engaged by what appears to be a young man confused by the public schools and possibly his parents. His example is now being used to do additional violence on our freedoms; against our right to bear arms and the right to make our own medical decisions.

This young man was not a rights-respecting, law-abiding citizen. He was a violence-prone young man who absorbed some very bad ideas. He loved the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. Undoubtedly, there were teachers in his past who introduced him to those ideas, especially the idea that it was proper to do violence to other people or to the system. They also taught him that his goal in life was to join a group and become part of a political community. That he chose to join a community that fostered violent revolution should not be a surprise. These groups litter our educational system. Imagine being expelled from such groups and you've got a young person at the end of his rope. His only hope, he thought, was to lash out at the system.

Today, many college-aged individuals love the Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx preached violent revolution against the capitalist system. Once you decide that only communism can save society you join a larger group of “smarter” people who seek to make society better by eliminating profit and “exploitation” by any means necessary. This combination of confusions justifies any act that advances the revolution. Add drugs and social problems and you have a spokesperson, not for freedom and individual rights but for anarchy and discord. If you have a little restraint and intelligence, after a period of youthful violence, like Bill Ayers, you decide to stop killing and join the establishment to kill it from within - you become a college professor who believes that only communism can save society. Our Tucson shooter is nothing more than a poorly assimilated Bill Ayers. Perhaps someday, he might have become a college professor. We may never know.

I’ve always believed that the missing ingredient here, the one premise that creates killers like this young man is the absence of reason in our educational system. Some would say that this explains nothing but they don’t understand what reason is and they don’t realize why its absence in society and education today is a critical, life and death problem. Bill Ayers and Frances Fox Piven care nothing about reason; and unfortunately so do many parents. And because they would rather have children who adjust to the group, who operate according to feelings rather than clear thinking, they teach young people that it is society that must adjust to them regardless of how irrational they are.

Simply put, reason is clear thinking. A person who routinely uses reason in his life becomes adept at understanding reality and identifying the proper context for using knowledge. He can make decisions, plan a future, use money, get a degree and become a productive citizen. He can fall in love, get married, raise children, become a good example and inspire others to accomplishment. But beyond this, the formal, advanced study of reason done properly in a university establishes a foundation that enables the individual and the society to question and understand the deeper aspects of life such as what is reality (metaphysics), how can man understand it (epistemology) and how does he use this knowledge to build a better life (ethics) and society (politics).

But when society teaches young people that all they need are their feelings, they are killing hope and possibility before young minds can develop. American teachers are destroying human minds before they become aware of the importance of such questions and this leads to people whose level of knowledge is so low that they can't possibly imagine that other people are smarter than they are, more studied, more self-assured and more self-confident. They swallow the Marxist swill and see productive people as thieves and charlatans. They develop huge cognitive blind spots that make them incapable of adequately evaluating moral issues and how such issues relate to their individual lives. They are taught that their own confused state of mind must be that of the entire society...which must therefore be stupid and desperately corrupt - worthy of being smashed. Into this void walk like-minded revolutionaries eager to smash the system and solve all the world's problems through a government that will force people to sacrifice for the group.

If we want our children to live happy successful lives, we can’t revere the irrational teachings of Karl Marx. We have to stop saying that Marx had a noble ideal that doesn’t work in practice. This merely encourages our kids to try to make it work “next time” with the same deadly consequences. The idea of stealing the production of working people and using it for “social” goals is not a noble ideal; it is a deadly idea that justifies plunder and murder…it is the essence of Soviet brutality and the justification for it. It is an evil idea. And whether we realize it or not, the idea of vilifying people, especially successful people, for being rich, is the reason why, in virtually every socialist system in history, we had genocide and mass murder.

College professors like Bill Ayers and Frances Fox Piven who teach Karl Marx and socialism are responsible for the Tucson shooter. This young man was not born deranged; he was twisted by haters of men and his body was turned into a killing machine. Ayers and Fox Piven are creating the little Hitlers, Stalins and Che Guevaras of tomorrow who are eager to right all the invented wrongs of the world through firing squads and political purges. These leftists teach our young people to openly hate their parents and especially the capitalist system that is based on property and individual rights. They teach young people a cynical hatred of productivity, learning, science and success which gives them a false sense of self-esteem, a false pride over the fact that they are not partaking in a "race for mere profit." This destroys their ability to survive and sends them on a quest for re-distributed money and grants - not to help them get an education, but to help them survive.

These cynical lies about profit and accomplishment under capitalism send millions of young people on a downward slide toward unproductive lives, confusion, social alienation and unhappiness. Ayers and Fox Piven undoubtedly tell these kids that they are really just mis-understood offbeat romantics with tender feelings when, in fact, their "noble" ideas lead to brutal murder. Who wouldn't be confused in an educational environment where the teachers offer only poison? And to make it worse, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Marx and Dewey are revered by parents who pay teachers a lot of money to destroy the lives of their children – using those ideas.

The Tea Party Movement is not the cause of murder; we are the cause of our self-defense and since our property is being taken from us by "legal" means, we seek legal means to protect it...we criticize government and send representatives to voice our opinions. When the government calls us the source of violent acts, they are creating a ruse that helps them protect their system of plunder. For the left, speech, dissent and disagreement must be made into sources of violence so they can continue their violence against defenseless citizens.

The truth is that, in order to enable the possibility of human survival, every American has a moral obligation to himself and his family to admit that the unprecedented level of spending being done by the administration is grossly irresponsible and immoral; the people responsible for this spending have no right to be re-elected to any office above the position of dog catcher. The left's blatant lies about the Tea Party Movement, the critics of their irresponsibility, are nothing more than an effort to silence their own consciences.

I’m going to state this as clearly as I can; any politician who thinks that the role of government is to confiscate, tax or inflate the money of the American citizen without his/her consent has no right to be in office. He should be ridiculed, vilified, criticized and voted out. The entire liberal/progressive faction of our society has been at war against prosperity and happiness for decades and it is time we realized that they have no intention of leading us to freedom or prosperity - and they certainly have no intention of telling us the truth. Their goal is slavery and they should be removed from power wholesale through the ballot (which they are trying to rig).

The sooner we realize that the result of liberal/progressive philosophy is the destruction of America, the sooner we can return to a country that respects freedom and property.