Friday, July 10, 2009

Altruism and Pitchforks

Over the decades, Marxists and social progressives have become astute at using what are thought to be valid ideas in order to fool the people.

For instance, in Honduras, President Obama claimed that the ousting of President Zelaya was a violation of the Democratic process in that country. The argument goes, “Don’t you advocate democracy? Don’t you want a country to be run according to the will of the people?” What is ignored is that Zelaya was destroying the democratic process in Honduras. In fact, he was removed from power by a Supreme Court that realized he was trying to subvert the Constitution and establish a dictatorship.

For some reason, that doesn’t seem to bother Obama. Where he refused to meddle in Iran, he is clearly meddling in Honduras so that an apparent “fellow traveler” can exploit the people.

Likewise, the Democrats in Congress proclaim that since they won the election, they have a right to disregard checks and balances, separation of powers, the Constitution, even contract law in order to rule. "Don't you respect the rule of law?" they ask. "Don't you respect the will of the people?" "We won," they say. Few remind them that the idea of disregarding the Constitution was not an election issue and no one voted for it.

One of the most expensive bait and switch ideas was invented by the Republicans and Obama has appropriated it with relish. This is the idea that a business or an industry is too big to fail. "If we don't act now to save this company, then the entire economy will collapse" is the argument. Later, when the bailout is found not to have worked, few remind the politicians that they had lied. And few notice that the companies being bailed out were among the biggest contributors to the Democrats.

Organizations like ACORN and its sundry offshoots use the same tactic when they send red shirted protesters onto the streets against corporations they are attempting to shakedown. “The people are rising up against corporate interests who are keeping the people poor,” they might say. “Don’t you see we’re only trying to help those people that are ignored and exploited by big corporations? We’re only trying to do good for the people.”

What they don’t tell you is that they are often being paid by another corporation, in many cases, a competitor who wants to muscle in on the market. Also, they do not tell you that these protests are not about helping the poor. In fact, the neighborhoods that have been infiltrated by these “community organizers” most often become blighted. The presence of ACORN in the neighborhood is a clear signal to other companies to stay out. The only way you can do business in this neighborhood is to donate to ACORN. Al Capone would be proud.

The tactic is very simple: force people to live up to ideas in which they believe, not in order to advance those ideas and make things better, but to gain power.

Altruism is the perfect gimmick for Marxists, ACORN and Obama. All you have to do is say you are trying to help people and you can pretty much get away with anything. No one would be against that, right? Look at what has been accomplished so far. It is as if altruism is an open road with no speed limit.

The entire sub-prime mortgage crisis was created by precisely this method and few have realized that the real culprit in the crisis was the very person that we elected as President and the organization that supported him. ACORN, SEIU, the labor unions; they are nothing more than Obama’s pitch forks, ready to swing into action whenever he needs a bill passed or a corporation taken over by government.

In fact, the supporters of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two organizations at the center of the crisis, are still attempting to keep lending standards low and they are trying to cover up the damage they have done by getting their pet Barney Frank to pass legislation that will send millions more dollars to the very people who could not make payments on their loans...again. As long as you are trying to promote home ownership, how can any one disagree with that? You are just trying to help people.

Really, there is no end to all the good things government can do to help people. Don't you want free health care? Don't you want a cleaner planet? Don't you want a government job? Don't you want a free education? Don't you want a "green" car? Don't you want to be in a union and make higher wages? Don't you want to get rid of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin? Hurry, hurry, hurry, all you have to do is wish it and your government can make it happen!

If you wonder how Obama got elected; this gimmick is the reason. Today, many people, particularly those educated in our public schools, have swallowed this gimmick whole…without thought. The government has told them it is trying to help people and no one has the ability to see through the deception; and fewer still have the courage to question it; in fact, many of them would feel guilty for being so selfish as to question the government that is only "trying to make things better".

The fact that trillions of dollars are being spent by government to “help people” while the economy keeps getting worse does not concern them. The fact that trillion dollar deficits represent the savings taken from the average man...or the next generation, does not concern them. That these savings, now gone, have robbed us of our futures has not occured to them. The fact that the government cannot create wealth, nor can it spend us into prosperity, is irrelevant when we have a smooth talking medicine man running our country. His "magic words" sound so good when he tells us sacrifice is good and it made our country strong...until they realize it is they who will be sacrificing...their standard of living and ability to care for their children. And the poor will still be poor...while the people with the pitchforks protest for more. They don’t seem to be able to see that there is a direct connection between these massive expenditures and the plunging economy.

Our educational system is enough to make Bill Ayers proud.(1) Our children have been taught that altruism, helping people, is what the government should do, and so they vote for altruists and pitchforks, while they get poorer every day waiting for the government to help them. The chickens are coming home to roost, so they say.

(1)For those of you educated in our public schools, Bill Ayers is a 60s anti-war protester who once threw a few bombs trying to start a communist revolution. After he was acquited of these crimes (on a technicality), he got into the field of education and worked with Obama to get grants from the government and other foundations in order to change school curricula and make you more socially responsible...which is the point of this blog post...he taught you to let the government spend all your money.

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  1. Let's not forget that People Died in the Bombings that Bill Ayres and his Elk produced. I guess that that means that Altruism is good if other people die for your cause.Even if the Goverment has to take what it needs to promote its Socialistic agenda, They taught these Young People to be sheep and not Question there own Demise, for fear of being Politically Correct,or out of step with the Goverment agenda.