Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where are the Clowns?

Today, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided that Al Franken deserves to sit in the Senate as the singular vote that gives to the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority. In their infinite wisdom, the American people, educated by progressives and brainwashed in the ideology of sacrifice, too afraid to stand up for freedom, have turned over our futures to the proponents of altruism.

I think it is fitting. The selection of Franken, a clown, has provided a new theme for the future. Where are the clowns? They’re in the government.

We are now in an age when the ruling philosophy holds that man is his brother’s keeper, from each according to his ability to each according to his need. We are now in the age where all the problems created by government will supposedly be solved by doing more of what caused the problems; as they’ve always said, it will work if we each sacrifice for the sake of others. We are now in a society based on sacrifice, not the "outdated" idea of freedom.

One of our first experiments in sacrificial living was in New Harmony, Indiana. There, after months of trying to make a utopian society work, disillusioned and frustrated true believers gave up. The failed experiment proved that the hope of making man into a worker bee was not possible, that man was "not good enough" to sacrifice for his fellow men; that he was "too selfish" to make the altruist philosophy work.

In spite of this failure, an entire continent (Asia) later became consumed by sacrifice. After several decades of murder, concentration camps and slave labor, these people too became disappointed in the idea of man the worker bee. Their image of a society where all sacrificed for all was crushed in the realization that man was "not good enough" to help his fellow men; that he was "too selfish" to make the altruist philosophy work.

Today, we are told that we must all work together and contribute to the betterment of society, that we can make sacrifice work. Somehow, we think, we will not become disappointed. We think that somehow our idea of a society where all work for the sake of all can succeed. The smiling faces, the bureaucrats who tell half-truths and half-lies, the proponents of parasitism, don’t know whether they are fooling us or fooling themselves. As I said, they are a bunch of clowns.

We are in a new age; the progressives are in charge. They've used altruism to get into power and now they'll make good on their promise; you will sacrifice. Even better for them, they no longer have to hide the fact that they've always wanted to take over the means of production. Now that they've done it, they are free to re-distribute the rotting machines and declining production to themselves; they are free to make themselves rich while they throw cookie crumbs to you, the starving masses. This has always been the goal of the new age. Of course you didn't know that; you've been educated in their schools.

But reality can’t be repealed. And facts can’t be legislated out of existence or eliminated by a Presidential Order. They don't know how to run businesses, let alone a whole industrial economy...so they will impoverish themselves in the process of impoverishing you.

As for me, well, I no longer have to worry about whether my dissent can stop them from accomplishing slavery. I know they will do it. So it is up to you. My generation will die soon, you'll have to live with them for the rest of your lives...unless you stop them now.

There is only one way to get rid of a human parasite. Don't feed him.

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