Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cap and Trade or Capping Individual Rights?

You are either for freedom or you are for slavery. There is no middle position. You can't live with a little bit of poison and an equal amount of healthy food in your system. You cannot compromise with a person who wants a little bit of your freedom. You can only compromise with a person who wants to leave you free. If you think you can live with a little bit of government force in your life, you don't understand that those who favor coercion will not be satisfied with just a little bit of your freedom. Once you grant the principle, they can take it all the way and you have no argument against them.

No good comes from coercion. Good is only possible with freedom. That is because freedom means the freedom of your mind to think and to create your survival. Anything that denies this freedom is evil; not just a little evil but fully evil. The forcible denial of your freedom is based on a hatred of your mind and of your life. This has been proven by history. The principle of coercion is what animated the 20th century which was one of the most deadly and destructive centuries in mankind's history. We are now repeating the mistakes of that century by glorifying state power. We will suffer a like destruction if we do not change our course. The lies about America, the Constitution, Capitalism and freedom are all intended to diminish these values in your mind so you will accept the moral authority of people who want to take your freedoms away from you. On this issue, the issue of freedom vs. slavery, you must take a firm stand for freedom and allow no compromise. Otherwise, you will be a slave.

Whoever wants a peaceful, civil society has to fight against the principle of statism. Statism is the idea that the government has the authority to interfere in the lives of citizens by means of force. Both the left and the right in our government today are representatives of statism; and the only principle that stands opposed to it is laissez faire capitalism. If you are going to fight lawlessness and barbarism you must fight for laissez faire capitalism.

The forces of statism have deceptively established themselves as fighters for the “good.” They claim to represent the elements in society that have been somehow oppressed and exploited. They arrogate to themselves the principle of a caring government that is trying to establish “justice” and “fairness.” They even put a tenous concept known as "the planet" ahead of the rights of real life individuals. These are the methods of charlatans and crooks.

You can always tell a statist because he never claims to represent what he actually represents. Decades ago he and his predecessors learned that they could not gain power by standing against freedom. So they advanced their principles by means of deceptive semantics, claiming that their policies improved capitalism. They even promised that their methods of government interference would create more affluence, bring more jobs and stimulate innovation. They talked the language of capitalism but with regulations “designed” to “improve” the system. This is the essence of fascism. This is the principle represented by the Waxman/Markey Cap and Trade Bill.

Fascism is an endless manipulation of the economy that advances the power of government piecemeal by slowly chipping away at the freedom of people to make their own decisions. Fascists pose as “practical” people who merely want to make the system better; oblivious to the fact that every move they make accomplishes the opposite of their stated goals. Every move they make only advances their hidden goal of central planning. Fascists don’t care about individual rights…though they may claim to do so.

The most common principle used by statists of all varieties is the principle of sacrifice. All statists operate according to the collectivist lie that people must get together in order to solve the problems created by capitalism. Capitalism is a symbol for freedom and it must be lied about relentlessly by the statists in order to develop programs that result in political success and election victories. For the statist, the collective is the ideal, it is the principle that people must accept. If you criticize a statist he merely claims to be helping the poor, the defenseless, the victimized, the children, the uneducated, etc. This is the lie; they tie their programs to a moral issue so they can obtain the moral high ground and manipulate their opponents to the moral low ground.

The principle of individual rights is the highest moral/political principle of all. To violate individual rights is to be evil. Individual rights is the principle that protects the freedoms of people and enables them to advance their lives peacefully and without exploitation. Individual rights are the basis of civil society and without individual rights a society will devolve into barbarism, plunder and group warfare. If people do not fight for their individual rights, not only will they lose those rights, they will suffer the consequences: authoritarian government along with economic and social decline. History has proven this.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted for the most massive destruction of individual rights in our nation's history through the Waxman/Markey Bill. They have taken us further than ever toward the establishment of full totalitarianism. They have allowed the government to use a phony argument on the environment to destroy entire industries, reduce our standard of living and violate our individual rights. They have created a phony new currency (carbon credits) that will make them rich at the expense of citizens who rely upon energy. They have created a new money laundering scheme bigger and more destructive than their money laundering scheme that created our sub-prime economic meltdown. And almost as bad, they have created a mechanism that destroys jobs in America and sends those jobs to foreign countries…something they claim to be against.

Below is a list of Republicans who voted for the bill. The question for them is: What deals were made to buy their votes? What principle was so important that they had to trade away our lives for their own short-term gain? I am told that it is still possible for them to change their votes. Here are their phone numbers:

Bono Mack (CA) (202) 225-5330
Castle (DE) (202) 225-4165
Kirk (IL) (202) 225-4385 (And he’s seriously considering running for Senate!)
Lance (NJ) (202) 225-5361
LoBiondo (NJ) (202) 225-6572
McHugh (NY) (202) 225-4611
Reichert (WA) (202) 225-7761
Smith (NJ) (202) 225-3765

Here is how Indiana Representatives voted:
(5-4 Democratic)
• 1. Pete Visclosky (D) No
• 2. Joe Donnelly (D) No
• 3. Mark Souder (R) No
• 4. Steve Buyer (R) No
• 5. Dan Burton (R) No
• 6. Mike Pence (R) No
• 7. AndrĂ© Carson (D) Yes
• 8. Brad Ellsworth (D) No
• 9. Baron Hill (D) Yes

If you have not expressed your opinion on this bill, now is the time to fight for your rights. Those who voted for this bill should receive the highest measure of criticism and wrath. They are the enemies of freedom. They are immoral.

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  1. You say this:

    "Fascists pose as 'practical' people who merely want to make the system better; oblivious to the fact that every move they make accomplishes the opposite of their stated goals. Every move they make only advances their hidden goal of central planning."

    I don't think anyone can claim the hidden (or open) agenda of central planning anymore. The manifest absurdity of passing bills without reading them tells me that. John Boehner(OH-R), an hour before the vote, read a portion of the 300-page amendment to the bill, which had been published in the wee hours of that very same day. He exposed the shameless contradictions inherent in it.

    This bill is not coherent let alone a plan. It has one evil purpose: stripping people of their money and giving it to their buddies and supporters and in one way or another, lining their own pockets. Never has partisanship, "us vs. them", been so visible. Never has an American President and his administration been so anti-"We the people..."

    This is blatant treason against the US Constitution and this country. This is a far bigger and immensely more wide-ranging attack on America than was 9/11.

    This is a horror story beyond fiction. This is real life. This is pure, unadulterated slavery and we are now living in a dictatorship. Anyone who gives it any quarter has the blood, the sweat, and the tears of millions upon millions of people on his own hands.