Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ABC and ObamaCare

One thing about the truth; someone has to tell it. Otherwise, the lie wins the day, and destruction ensues.

Had Barack Obama told us explicitly during his election campaign that he was going to turn the government toward fascism, the election might have had another outcome. Yet it is fascism to which he is turning. Exposing a disdain for straight talk while pretending to be talking straight, Mr. Obama would never have been elected if he told us that his intention was to expropriate huge industries and turn them into departments of the government. He was able to accomplish this political coup through the aid of a media that did not want to translate the candidate’s vague poetic allusions and romantic promises into their true meaning.

I don’t know about the content of ABC’s Special program on HealthCare tonight. I do not plan to watch. The reason is because I’m already convinced that President Obama is lying when says he does not intend to take over our country's medical industry. And I'm certain that such a takeover is a bad thing for the country. All I need to know is that government involvement in the private economy is not going to produce promised benefits. It never has done so in the past. All it accomplishes is the destruction of individual rights and the elimination of our economic choices. On this issue, it will produce the opposite of health. You can read about it in my blog post below entitled “Health Care Slavery.”

Every dictatorship needs willing appeasers in order accomplish its goals. Yet, it was once held that a free press and media were necessary for the preservation of freedom. The media was supposed to be a bulwark against the growth of tyranny and statism. By exposing corruption and lies, by telling the truth, the media was supposed to ensure that the public could make informed decisions. This is not the case today.

Today, the media has become a propagandist for the government seeking to advance the goals of President Obama as he pursues the fastest destruction of the private economy in history. We are watching a political coup engaged by radical elements intent on destroying our freedoms and turning us into slaves. These radical elements think they can merely smile, ask for blind trust and tell the same worn out lies they have told for decades. They cynically tell us that their intentions are good, that they only want to help people, that their methods are pure and that we should all go along as dutiful participants in building a new age of utopian dreams; a beautiful society that never comes. These are the same lies told by communists, fascists, trade unionists, progressives and liberals since the beginning of the last century. Few in the media are proclaiming that behind the smiles and lies are rotted vampires who want to suck the blood from our veins, demagogues who want to steal our wealth and force us to build legislative monuments that glorify their powerlust.

Any media network that thinks it can save itself by attaching its message to a popular leader has abrogated the right to be called a free institution. When the government takes full control, as this government appears intent on doing, such a network is counting on being left standing; the only network not shut down by the government. As an agent of the government, ABC has become a proponent of lies and deception. It will never be able to regain its freedom speech; it is useless for the people

We should boycott ABC and starve the company of its lifeblood; advertising dollars and viewers.

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