Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who has the Courage?

I have been appalled at the low level of intellect, understanding, forthrightness and principle of political candidates who, for some reason, believe they have the qualifications to lead the greatest country in history. I am further appalled at the low level of judgment that has characterized the voters who have given these men and women leadership positions. With that said, I am wondering if there is a man or woman on the scene who has the courage to run a political campaign based on the following:

Principles that should guide a President:

New policies:
Individual rights
The Constitution establishes the right of the individual to be free of government coercion. It sets the rules for how the government should operate by establishing freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, right to bear arms, property rights, the pursuit of happiness and much more.

As President, I would reinstitute individual rights by establishing several policy positions. These include:

Policy 1. Transition our government through three stages to eliminate the IRS.
Stage 1. Move to a temporary National Sales Tax.
Stage 2. Gradually eliminate all government programs based upon redistribution of income from one group to another. These include welfare programs, jobs programs, housing programs, Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security to name a few. Where possible, privatize these programs gradually. Ensure that all people who are vested in these programs receive their full benefits but allow no new payees into the programs.
Stage 3. Totally eliminate the IRS, the National Sales Tax and set up a system of voluntary support of government services as well as direct payments for services such as courts, contract enforcement, etc.

Policy 2. Create a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate government interference in the economy. Until such an amendment can be ratified, it will be the policy of my administration to eliminate all government interference in the economy including the dismantling of every regulatory agency of the Federal government.

Policy 3. Elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank and an immediate return to the gold standard.

Foreign Policy

Policy 1. I will immediately declare America’s goal to eliminate any foreign threat that is presently engaged in military action against America or American interests abroad. This policy will not seek to win “hearts and minds” but to eliminate any threat as soon as possible by whatever means necessary - once the threat is eliminated, we will leave.

Policy 2. I will announce a unilateral elimination of any trade barriers that are presently in place by the U.S. government. U.S. citizens can decide individually or corporately which nations they will choose for trade. The only exception would be nations that have sworn to destroy the U.S. or any U.S. allies.

Policy 3. I will remove the U.S. as a member of the United Nations and I will politely ask the UN to move its headquarters to another country within 2 years.

Policy 4. I will immediately convene a commission to reform immigration laws and policies so that our country can attract an adequate number of hard working immigrants seeking freedom and prosperity. Key goals of this commission will be to ensure an adequate level of immigration that will fill the demand for new workers, ensure that every immigrant is treated with respect, reform the system so it does not unfairly restrict immigration, implement the Constitutional principle that "all men are created equal" and finally, ensure that immigrants do not come here for a government "hand-out."

Policy 1. I will eliminate the U.S Department of Education.
Policy 2. I will place all schools owned by the Federal Government up for sale to the highest bidder.
Policy 3. I will eliminate the laws that mandate that any child in the U.S. must attend school as a matter of law.

Inauguration Speech
My fellow Americans, we stand today in a time that has seen the most serious decline of the power and prestige of our country in its history. The causes of this decline are many but it goes without saying that the fundamental cause is government intervention in our economy and most importantly in the private lives and decisions of our citizens. Once and for all we have seen the damage done by runaway government. The myth of government power has blinded us about the very real damage that can be done by government to the free choices and business decisions of our citizens. The human mind must be free to function and any individual who works hard and produces abundance must be free to keep that abundance and enjoy his or her life. This long nightmare of worshipping the power of government is over. The people have their lives back and the government will soon get out of their way.

My administration will return our nation to the root principles that created it – the very principles that made it great. For the first time in many decades, you will have a leader who believes that principles matter. What are these principles that will guide my administration?

For decades, we have been taught that statism and interventionism were the way for government to ensure a more equitable society. It was thought for many years that a capitalist system inevitably left some people behind and that the rich got richer. Yet, while time passed, few noticed that the entire society was being lifted up and people who were once considered poor were living life styles better than those of kings of old. No one noticed that the technology advances brought by capitalist innovators were being enjoyed by both rich and poor. Yet through out this period, the call was for more regulation, higher taxes and more government intrusions into our every-day decisions. These recommendations were accompanied by massive government-funded propaganda campaigns against capitalism - engaged by politicians, college professors and the very schools that were supposed to educate our children.

An even worse spectacle were the long lines of private businesses that sought government money to save their businesses, help with cash flow or finance huge boondoggles with political support from Senators and Congressmen who in return received generous campaign contributions. This practice will stop today, not next year, not in the unforeseeable future. No one can obtain money from the government in the form of welfare or loans.

I declare a policy of immediate elimination of all government intervention into the economy. This will eliminate the need for career politicians; it will eliminate the need for campaign contributions and there will be no need for quid pro quo or bribery. Finally, politicians will be required to do their jobs which is to protect individual rights rather than countenance their violation.

The worst principle that a free society can accept is the idea that the government has the right to redistribute money from one citizen to another. It is this principle that has destroyed countless nations and caused monumental disasters even in our own country.

Regarding the education of our young people, my administration will do away with government-run schools; further, it will fight for a school system that is free of government control. Parents will now be able to choose which schools their children will attend, which curricula and subjects will be taught and they will never be forced again to accept the imposition of ideas upon their children with which they disagree. Further, I will abolish the monopoly that teachers unions have in our schools by eliminating the requirement that teachers must join a union. If we are to have a free society, your schools must be free of government. This includes our universities, colleges and technical schools.

As a society that was founded upon individual rights and freedom, we have learned the value of a Constitutional government that is restricted to protecting the rights of citizens; a government whose purpose is to defend those rights rather than violate them. I pledge to you that individual rights will not be mere political rhetoric; these words will not be empty; they will be the principles that guide us. If it is a crime for a citizen to rob another citizen, it is a crime for the government to do the same.

Likewise, as a free nation, we prefer to deal economically and diplomatically first with those countries that have similar free societies and individual protections. We pledge to those countries an abiding friendship and open trade. As with domestic economic policy, we pledge a “hands off” foreign economic policy.

But we also know that our country has enemies who want to harm or destroy us. Dictatorships and terrorist groups that have no regard for the lives and property of their fellow citizens pose a threat to their neighbors and to the world. Many try to justify their hatred of us by accusing us of brutal acts or of seeking to dominate the world. Their arguments are based upon lies and prejudice. Let me state clearly that the United States of America holds by conviction that “all men are created equal” and this applies to men of other nations. If you want to be our friend, we welcome you with open arms. If you want to do us harm, we will ensure that you spend your time hiding, starving or dying.

We pledge our Armed Forces and Intelligence Services to be always vigilant to the activities of our enemies and we will do whatever is necessary to thwart them before they can accomplish their destructive aims.

Finally, my fellow Americans, I want to make it clear that we need an Amendment to our Constitution that strictly prohibits government interference in the economy. Just as we have a separation of church and state in our Constitution, true freedom requires a separation of economy and state. There has never been a situation in our history where our government’s interventions into the economy have served a useful purpose. This ability of the government to regulate and control the economy has resulted in the impoverishment of our people and this must be stopped. The only way to stop the corruption and theft that government interference has brought about is to prohibit the government from making any regulations that interfere or regulate economic activity. Since this issue has been the keynote of my candidacy, I thank you for your support and I promise that we will begin immediately to remove the corruption of government from our lives and daily decisions.

My fellow Americans, I am not going to ask you to sacrifice. I am not going to ask you for more of your money; nor will I slyly advance massive spending programs while I promise to cut spending. Those of you who have listened to inaugural addresses in the past are accustomed to hearing clever phrases demanding collective solutions for individual problems. Today is a new day and I won't ask you to marvel and my clever eloquence. I am going to provide you with one of the most quotable lines ever to be uttered. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Thank you for your support.

Who has the courage?

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