Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sure, Let's Build a Fence on the Border

Take note; if you care about freedom. Fences and closed borders not only keep people out...they also keep people in. Closed borders and onerous immigration requirements are a sign that a country is becoming more authoritarian, less free.

People move to countries where there is opportunity and openness...they don't move to places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union or Cuba...they escape from them if they America. Maybe not for long. Soon they may be escaping from America...if the Obama administration continues headlong toward fascism.

If the government continues to destroy our economy no one will want to live here, even us. Why complain about people who want to get in?

Look at how many people want to get out. High valued executives for one. Doctors, nurses, medical industry professionals, automotive engineers, automotive parts manufacturers, car dealers, small business owners, bankers, entrepreneurs, technology developers, factory owners...the list will probably grow. These are the unemployed created by boondoggling politicians who are destroying their jobs for the sake of professional parasites. These people could be creating millions of jobs if the government would leave them alone and let them live as free citizens. In fact, they could create good jobs for educated Americans who will then hire immigrants for a pittance to mow their lawns and massage their backs. Instead, we'd rather complain about immigrants who will soon want to leave anyway...because there are no jobs. Why stand silently while talented people are taxed and regulated to death?

Wake up, America.

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