Monday, May 25, 2009

Honoring Life on Memorial Day

Notice that the President always mixes American values with his own twisted sense of them. For instance, today he talked about how our fallen soldiers sacrificed for others. Remember that he wants us all to agree about his brand of sacrifice - the sacrifice of the able to the unwilling. He never mentions that most of these fallen soldiers should be honored because they fought to protect their own freedoms. For Obama that would be selfish and not what the America he thinks he owns is about. He thinks that our fallen soldiers were merely "risking their lives for people they had never met." How cheap is that view of our soldiers!! What does that statement say about the depth of his judgment? I think Obama dishonors Veterans, the depth of their understanding and their love of country when he makes statements like that. Those words could be said of any soldier who died even for Soviet Communism. Sacrifice is not a is a loss.

There is a better, more important reason why our fallen Veterans should be honored; they died for a new idea, and they were willing to put their lives on the line for it because they knew it was important. The American soldier is something entirely new in the history of the world; the American soldier is a philosopher who knows what it is for which he fights. Each soldier in a free country, must go into the depths of his conscience and decide for himself why he fights. He must question life and ask himself what principles are important enough for him to defend. For the first time in history, unlike all soldiers in the past, the American soldier was so unique that he would only fight for the good...he would only fight for a society that made good possible; a society that established the principles that made happiness and living possible, a society of reason, freedom, rights, the sanctity of contract; a society so constituted that it endured, not because of its people alone, but because of the principles it had established. Anyone who fights for America, in spite of Mr. Obama's words, knows that he is fighting for something special, not just giving up his life for others.

These philosopher soldiers died because, for the first time in history, there was an idea worth fighting for, an idea that meant self-sufficiency, prosperity and happiness for the living. Yes, they died because they wanted to live and they fought to the death those who would make them and their loved ones into slaves. They felt so strongly about this that the bodies of these philosophers lie near battle fields on virtually every continent on the planet. They didn't want you to take a lesson from their sacrifice; they wanted you to take a lesson from their desire for life.

Remember...the men we honor today fought, suffered and died so we could be free and they thought about why they were fighting. They were not just "bodies" or "grunts"; they were thinkers. They thought first about the kind of society in which they wanted to live; they thought about those they loved and they thought about how much they loved life. That arrogance of Americans that President Obama criticizes, that confidence and certainty for which the European intellectual hates us, is our moral certainty that when we fight, we are fighting for the best possible of worlds; a world of freedom. They didn't sacrifice for "people they had never met"; those people were represented by their fellow soldiers and they loved them as extensions of their own people like themselves who possessed the positive, life-giving sense of life for which American soldiers are known.

Remember that when you read about the President hiring and firing executives or bailing out his largest contributors with money stolen from you; or deciding what kind of car you should own or what kind of fuel you should use. Who would die for that? No American soldier in any war died so that Americans could be taxed to death. They didn’t die so that the government could destroy the value of their savings or the value of the dollar through inflation. They didn’t die so they could be honored for helping George Soros and his off shore clients or to protect General Electric’s monopoly on wind turbines or for the sake of 800 new IRS agents. Our soldiers did not die for the right to sacrifice. They fought for the right to live and be happy; they fought for freedom. Remember that, Mr. President. Remember that before you take your next step toward making us into slaves. Some of us do remember.

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