Saturday, May 16, 2009

Indiana Laissez Faire Policy

The Recession is hitting Indiana hard. Losses of capital investment due to high taxes on businesses, over-regulation, the growing Federal government, inflation and sub-prime lending have harmed the ability of Indiana businesses to replace inventories and maintain jobs. The results are layoffs and unemployment. The key question for Indiana residents is how can we weather the economic storm?

News reports about several states angry with the burgeoning size of government are a signal that the entire country is in the throes of a grass roots protest against big government. Many Americans, particularly productive and responsible citizens, are appalled at the spectacle of a government that takes over banks, hires and fires executives and shakes down private investors in favor of labor unions.

I’d like to suggest that our local governments take a different approach that will not only set us apart from other states but also protect our citizens by fostering free markets and the right to work. Rather than raise taxes, we should declare a moratorium on tax rate increases for individuals and completely eliminate all taxes on companies in Indiana. In addition, we should do a complete review and elimination of all economic regulations that hinder competition as well as lower or eliminate the State Sales Tax. We should also review our right to work laws and ensure that no citizen is forced to join a union if he/she prefers not to do so.

This bold “Indiana Laissez Faire Policy” will put Indiana squarely among states that encourage commerce. It will also increase our tax revenues and give our state a strong capital investment base compared to the many states that are raising taxes and increasing regulations. In particular we should establish powerful concessions to welcome companies with a strong manufacturing capability, as well as a financial services and high technology orientation. We could also offer generous college credits for the children of employees of any company that increases its investment in Indiana jobs or moves to the state. Another initiative could also investigate alternative voluntary methods for funding Indiana government such as “user pays” and other similar ideas.

By establishing a “Laissez Faire Policy” with a long-term commitment of several decades, we are declaring to companies around the world that a home in Indiana will help them create prosperity and jobs. Additional efforts can consist of protecting citizens and businesses through an Intra-state commerce policy in areas where the state has a legal and Constitutional privilege.

These actions can be accomplished locally by local politicians and they are consistent with the principles of the Indiana Tea Party. It will give local politicians an opportunity to communicate to its citizens that they understand freedom and individual rights and that they are behind the restoration of the Constitution to its original intent.


  1. Perhaps you will become the West Berlin while the rest of the country becomes the East Berlin. That would be awesome.

  2. That's an excellent way to say it. I've still got some pieces of the Berlin Wall if someone wants a reminder.

  3. Business as well as customers would flock here from surrounding states.