Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Read the Book!!

I realize you're busy and you don't have time to do something so wasteful as to read a book, especially one that is over 1000 pages long and is only a mere work of fiction. 

I realize that your life is so important that you should not be bothered with something so demanding as to read a mere book.  Yet, I wonder why your already brilliant intellect has yet to land upon, on its own, the brilliance and newness of the ideas in this book. 

I realize this book is considered by many to be one of the most monumental books of all time and that it teaches ideas and principles that few other books have offered ever in history; ideas that challenge the entire history of Western thought; ideas that will help you understand your life and world events.  I know you think I'm asking too much.

I know that if you have any vestige of honesty in you, this book will help you save your life, if you'd only read it.  But that's all right, I shouldn't ask so much of you as to want that for you. 

I realize that you don't want other people to "dictate" your thoughts to you.  Yet, I also realize that the ideas you practice, the thoughts of ghosts and demons and "being yourself" are all ideas dictated to you by others.  This book, on the other hand, dictates nothing. 

Sure, I realize you'll do fine plodding along for the rest of your life and that you are suffering from not knowing the ideas and principles that this book can teach you. 

And I'm sure it hasn't occured to you that your not having read this book has made it impossible for you to understand me on important topics. 

Just go along living the way you do while the world that has read the book passes you by. 

So I'll try this: does it make any difference to you that other people are also recommending it?

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