Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Day for the Dark Knight

I believe that some people kill today because they've been taught that individual rights do not matter.  Society no longer discusses them, politicians violate them legally, and denigrate the best among us; they tell us we didn't build our businesses and that society owns them; Hollywood shows us murderers as heroes, teachers have stopped teaching about the sanctity of life and most importantly, they don't remind us that individual rights not only represent the freedom to do as we wish, but they also represent an obligation to respect the rights of others. 

Today, people push buttons for everything they need; many feel worthless because they can't get a job; others can't stand to see their children suffering and hungry; others are demeaned because they must rely on government to survive; some think their petty thoughts are profound and that their anger over losing a video game gives them a right to hurt others.  Philosophy has taught them, by omission that there is no reality, there is no mind and there are no consequences.  Why not push triggers too? 

Don't be surprized that the mass murderers of today think they are doing something cool.  The lives of others mean nothing when the media and our leaders tell us daily that we didn't do anything on our own, that sacrifice is the cure for society, and that those with more deserve to be punished.  Why not kill a few well-dressed people in a theater?

It is a Dark Day for the Dark Knight but the writing has been on the wall, so to speak, for several decades.

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