Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are Western Radicals Manipulating Egypt?

Yesterday, the world waited for President Mubarak of Egypt to resign only to have him disappoint the Obama administration and refuse to step down. In fact, Mubarak told the Egyptian people that he resents being dictated to by foreign powers (meaning President Obama). I think we are in for some more “wise” statements by Mr. Obama about the importance of Americans supporting democratic movements, fundamental transformation and change…as long as that change is wanted by the people.

Notice how he is trying to rally all Americans to the cause of freedom and secular government in Egypt. Should we rally around our President and the youth of Egypt? Should we support their aspirations for American-style democracy? Doesn’t it sound so all-American? Certainly, we know that the President supports democratic reforms, true American style democracy and freedom of speech, freedom of association…all that good stuff we can agree about. Right? The opposite is the truth; there is a scam going on here. When the President says “democracy” he means rule by majority and re-distribution, not republican government. And the "majority" in Egypt will eventually become the Muslim Brotherhood who cares not a whit about American style democracy. What they care about is destroying Israel, brutalizing their women and killing “infidels”.

I don’t find it strange that the President is using the same language to describe the Egyptian situation that he used to describe his own election. And I’m not surprised that the President is ignoring the “old people” in the Tea Parties and talking only to the youth of Egypt and America. And it is not surprising that the rioters are expressing hatred toward American capitalism and the West in general. Does this mean that the President is the leader of the rioters? Isn’t he an anti-capitalist cheerleader here in the states? Doesn't he prefer to rule by Executive Order and agency regulation rather than subjecting his policy recommendations to the consent of the people? Isn't he a leader who routinely violates the Constitution and the sanctity of contract which are hallmarks of republican government? Isn’t he the leader who apologized to the world for America’s “arrogance”? One has to wonder how many other riots in the Middle East and Europe the President and his money man George Soros have lined up for us to watch on Fox News?

What do most of the rioters have in common? It is certainly not religion; it is an abiding desire to destroy capitalism. All of the violent jesturing, the loud chants, the anger and vitriol, the threats to cut off peoples’ heads (that means your head and mine) and the beatings are intended to express violent anger at capitalists and what they have done to the people. All of these stupid jestures of anger and playing to the cameras are intended for American capitalist audiences watching from across the Atlantic. They are a threat aimed at America, telling us that they don’t like us for what we have done to the Middle East, which is to provide them with a deep and abiding interest in Egyptian culture and history, Western products, American styles of clothing, computers, cell phones, twitter and Facebook. They have a lot to hate us for.

Yet, I can’t help but think that what is going on in Egypt is partly a response to the Tea Party protests in the USA that have “transformed” politics and thrown the leftists off their stride. Radical groups who thought that Obama could put them over the top in America are now demoralized by the power and capitalist principles of the Tea Party protests. The demonstrations (not riots) of the Tea Party Movement are a direct threat to the left’s plans for a takeover of the capitalist system. The Egyptian rioters want to send a message to the Tea Party Movement in America that they can change any government at any time through their trained and paid riot organizers. These organizers, once they finish turning Egypt into a Muslim theocracy will hop from country to country until they finish off America...their goal is not only to overthrow capitalism but to gain power...consequences be damned. The Muslim radicals get to kill off Israel then they and the leftists can feast on the carcass of America.

And I don’t find it strange that the administration today told Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood was a secular organization with no ideology, just a bunch of nice guys who want to feed the poor and hungry. Does this mean that the American government supports the Muslim Brotherhood? You have to wonder why they are trying to lull us to sleep about Muslim radicals. At the very least, you can’t help but wonder at the involvement of the Open Society Institute and American Unions. They have all felt the sting of the pressure coming from the Tea Parties. Put it all together and it is clear that the administration is pursuing a policy that will destroy Israel while at the same time setting up the structure that will eventually kill off the capitalists in America - and I mean "kill" in the literal sense. I'm not surprised, are you?

The organizers of the Egyptian riots are sending the Tea Parties a message that evil can win in the world if it is organized, morally brutish and violent. Why did they have to go overseas to do this? They can’t complain about us here because we’ll answer them with reason…so they’ve gone overseas in order to scare us with the chaos they can create. They know we're watching. I wonder what the honest people in Egypt think about the manipulation of their country by American and British radicals?

If anyone understands the game being played, it must be the Tea Party Revolutionaries.

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