Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reverse Think, The Progressive's Disease

Reverse Think is a neurological disease, a sort of knee-jerk reaction that afflicts progressives. The first symptom of Reverse Think is when a person says that re-distribution of income will make society better. Once you accept this principle everything else you say becomes true in reverse. Let’s look at some other examples to see how pervasive Reverse Think is in our society. When you say that the health care program will improve health care, you are a victim of Reverse Think. The opposite is true; health care will be worse. When they tell you that the public option in the health care bill is a "win-win" you can be sure it is a lose-lose.

In education, Reverse Think happens when you say that Progressive educators will make our children smarter. The truth is that under these educators our children will actually fall behind students in other countries. The reason for the decline in educational levels is because the vast majority of unionized teachers are suffering from Reverse Think too. They teach our kids that capitalism is evil, that America is evil, that the military is full of war mongers, that math is not important but helping others is better and that Barack Obama is going to save our country and create jobs. All of these statements are examples of Reverse Think.

Politicians also suffer from Reverse Think. Whenever they tell you that government can make things better, you can be sure that it will make things worse. When they tell you that re-distribution will create a more just society, you can be sure it will result in injustice. When they tell you that Tea Party protesters are racists and violent, you can be sure they are not. When they tell you that violent leftist protesters are merely exercising their freedom of speech and trying to create a better country, you can be sure they are trying to tear down the country and use their freedom of speech to destroy freedom of speech.

You can be sure that whatever a progressive says will be the opposite of the truth. This even applies to what they say about money. For instance, they will tell you that profits in private industry represent a waste of the nation’s resources because the rich are allowed to keep them. At the same time, they will tell you that money taken from the rich somehow becomes effective in the hands of government. You can be sure that money kept by the rich will be better spent and money taken by the government will be wasted.

How do progressives catch this deadly disease? It happens when they concoct schemes to divert tax dollars away from productive citizens toward progressive money laundering schemes. They promise people that major problems (that they have no intention of solving) will be solved by throwing more taxpayer dollars at them. The promise is only a ruse designed to give more and more power to the progressives...they just want all that money. They'll worry about the problem later when they've gotten the money. That's why everything they say is true in reverse. They must promise that problems will be solved when they have no intention of solving them.

When they tell you that the best economists recommend spending money to create jobs, what they mean is that the worst economists have suggested it and that jobs will be destroyed. When they tell you unemployment is George Bush's fault, that's the clue that it is their fault.

How can we cure progressives of Reverse Think? I think a good place to start would be to vote them out of office. Certainly they’ll tell us that their election losses are really victories, but we can just wink at them and pretend we actually believe them. They can’t help it.

Can you think of any other examples of Reverse Think?

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