Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plucking Out the Parasites

The criminal who presumes he has a right to cheat others out of their property is not so different from the professional parasites who ask for handouts from the government. The criminal is only more honest in his hatred of those who "presume" to own property that he can easily take.

Consider the “incrementalist” approach taken by many radicals today. Their goal is to establish the ideological framework (economically and educationally) for a complete radical change of our society; they want to start with small steps that first establish the principle that it is proper to “adjust” capitalism for the sake of the poor. They want to move toward ever larger government intrusions into our lives until they’ve stressed the system enough to collapse. Then, with the groundwork established, they’ll invalidate the Constitution, kill their enemies and begin their reign. Incrementalism will make the people too ignorant to challenge their authority since the people won’t notice that the small steps were part of a pattern leading to a complete takeover.

Along the way, they must destroy capitalism. They know, from history, that capitalism improves the lives of people. A happy, affluent people will not want to lose the economic and Constitutional foundations that create their good lives; so their prosperity has to be reduced slowly until they are no longer happy. Re-distribution is the means toward reaching this goal. Re-distribution is not the goal. The destruction of capitalism is the goal.

Capitalism must be destroyed because it is too good. So they promise affluence over the next few years while they chip away at that affluence through re-distribution. When the economy falters, they will tell us it is because man is too greedy; so the solution is more re-distribution. The strategy against affluence continues. Eventually, people will be so poor and so disenchanted with capitalism, that it will be willingly discarded.

This strategy requires that young people be educated as anti-capitalists. Toward this goal, businesspeople are portrayed as concerned with getting money at any cost. The caricature of an evil monster with distorted face and ugly nose who is interested only in exploiting the innocent for the sake of jewels and gold is just that; a caricature. The businessperson in a capitalist country is you and me, people who have worked our way up and done it through honest work and honest trade; people whose genius has been released through the possibility of living a better life.

The radicals, through their anti-capitalist propaganda in our schools and in the media, have placed businesspeople in a position where regulations, rules and arbitrary standards make it difficult to be honest. This is part of their strategy to corrupt all values, especially economic values. Government intrusions allow men who would otherwise be criminals a chance to legitimize their plunder by controlling and manipulating government bureaucrats. They seek to portray themselves as builders who care passionately for people. The truth is, in order for these radicals to “care” for others, they need the money made by honest people.

And this is where the Tea Party protesters come in. We are made up of producers who are being denigrated and minimized by media and government spokespeople…because we are the very people who provide the banquet for the professional parasites. They want us to think of ourselves as a minority of slaves that has no real power. They want us to feel guilty for defending capitalism.

What happens if we refuse to accept the guilt? What happens if we stand up for our right to prosper and succeed? What happens if we withdraw our sanction from these parasites? What happens if we refuse to provide the money for all these government boondoggles and social engineering schemes? What happens if we refuse to give power to professional thieves?

What happens?

They lose the ability to control the debate. They lose the docile slaves they thought they were educating. When men refuse to buy into the idea of service to the collective, when they stand up for their right to pursue happiness, the professional parasites will lose their university seats, their government jobs, their grants and their stimulus bills. If men refuse to be enslaved in their own minds, then the schemes of the parasites will not work.

What they don’t realize is that the parasite always dies when the host plucks him out.

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