Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Steele doesn't get it!

Mr. Steele, today I read the following words in the Washtington Post:

"Republicans want reform that should, first, do no harm, especially to our seniors. That is why Republicans support a Seniors' Health Care Bill of Rights, which we are introducing today, to ensure that our greatest generation will receive access to quality health care."(1)

At a time when our country is falling into a socialist abyss; when the real "Bill of Rights" is being trampled with impunity; when the word "massive" cannot adequately describe the level of spending undertaken by our government; when this outlandish level of spending threatens a collapse of the dollar and a collapse of the world economy, you have decided to cavalierly pander to Seniors. At a time when the survival of our way of life is in doubt, when economic depression and starvation are looming over the horizon, you have proven that Republicans cannot save the country.

How do you expect Americans to understand the difference between an unalienable right and a political promise when you use language so loosely? How can you re-establish Constitutional protections and save this country from Socialism when you diminish the meaning of the term "rights"? A "Bill of Rights" should refer only to unalienable rights, natural rights, rights derived from nature, not rights that some politician just makes up to score political points. When you consider the care and precision with which the Founders attempted to install the real Bill of Rights as a fundamental American institution, your use of the term is reprehensible, an insult to the Founders and our country.

Your use of the term "Bill of Rights" on the issue of Healh Care makes it more difficult for people to distinguish between unalienable rights and politically made up rights. Your improper use of these "foundational" words proves that you don't get it; that you are just another socialist me tooer. In fact, you inadvertently encourage the Democrats to come up with all kinds of other idiotic "rights" that are not derived from nature.

Apparently you think you can co-opt the Democrats by using terms they have tried to corrupt. This approach is a formula for political disaster that not only affects your ability to elect Republicans but also harms our country terribly. The only thing you are co-opting is the proper meaning of the term. Please study history. Roosevelt already tried to create an economic "bill of rights" that Republicans correctly criticized for not referring to unalienable rights. FDR tried to steal the power of the enumerated rights protected by the Constitution through these false economic rights. No one should ever use a term such as "Bill of Rights" over an issue like health care because health care is not a right.

You have no sense of history, no sense of how to use the language of freedom; no sense of how to preserve unalienable rights and you have proven that you cannot beat the Democrats. I'm glad I protested against you in the streets when you spoke in Indianapolis.

(1) Protecting Our Seniors by Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/23/AR2009082302036.html

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