Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anger over Health Care

One thing is certain, many of the people who want me to have better health care insurance; the same people who claim they love to serve humanity, will soon be unionized, un-fireable, unconcerned civil servants who will tell me with blank, un-empathetic stares to fill out a form and wait until my number is called.

Let's think through this. Who doesn't want better health care insurance? Who doesn't want to live 20 years longer? Who doesn't want their health care paid for by others? Who doesn't want to have all their health problems solved all at once without having to make a lot of decisions? Who doesn't want to be taken care of under any circumstances? Why can't someone just pay all my bills for me?

Really, these are a lot of silly questions. Of course, I want my life to be easier. In fact, why can't the government make it possible for me to live forever? We have the technology. Who is keeping immortality away from us? Probably some greedy company that wants to make a profit. Please, Mr. President, help me.

So why can't government employees love their jobs and be nice to the cattle? No one who obtains money without effort, whether he is a government employee or a beneficiary can change the laws of reality - laws that say someone has to work productively in order to give me my free lunch, laws that say a doctor has to want to make lots of money and go to school for years so he/she can solve my complicated health problems; laws that say a government cannot just expropriate peoples' money indefinitely and expect that the society won't collapse. These pesky laws get in the way when we are at war with reality. Wishing doesn't make it otherwise.

In fact, these government cronies who are sure to get jobs when the health care bill passes are putting out a lot of dis-information about the bill because they do not want you to figure out that it is full of a lot of social engineering. They love you now because they want to engineer you into grateful voters. In a few years, they'll be blaming free marketers for wanting to take away your free health care.

The politicians who think they can take any position and dodge any issue have finally confronted voters who have heard enough lies. This time we are saying “No” as a matter of individual rights. We're also saying "No" because we know that the politicians are not being truthful about the bill, how much it will cost and how our lives will be affected by it. We are saying "No" because we know when we're being talked down to, played for suckers and dismissed.

We the people have turned into radical mobsters because we disagree with people who tell us they want to help us live better lives - and who actually think our lives will be better as soon as we give them another blank check. We are saying "No" because we are not stupid and we refuse to be engineered into happy voters. We are saying "No" because the laws of reality will always veto poorly conceived government laws. We are saying "No" because we know that having socialized medicine is not the same thing as winning the lottery.

Yes, there are such things as rights, natural laws of reality. I’m not talking about the proverbial right to a job or welfare or health care. I’m talking about something that the politicians think is silly. I’m talking about an “unalienable” right that is not created by politicians but is part of my nature as a human being. I’m talking about a theory of government that prohibits government from advancing the common good through taxation and expropriation. I'm talking about a government that advances the common good by leaving people free to solve their own problems.

Now that Obama has begun to bash private insurance companies, he thinks he’s cleverly turning the debate in his favor…as if bashing business will get the people on his side. Mr. President, that’s not smart at all.

What are the health care protesters saying that the President and his paid cronies aren’t getting? It is really simple: we don’t want another government program.

Look at every the other government entitlement program now in place. Look at Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, just to name a few, and you will see a mess, poor service, uncaring service providers, massive bureaucracies, unhappy beneficiaries and huge, unsustainable budgets.

After this history staring us in the face, we should want another entitlement program? This President has the audacity to advance such an idea after spending more money than all Presidents in the history of our nation before him. What kind of genius would advance an entitlement program that will further bankrupt our country? He may not think that's a problem but I'll guarantee him that there are millions of people in this country who are smart enough to know better.

My advice for you, Mr. President, is that you stop bashing private insurance companies. It is not becoming of the leader of what used to be the freest nation on the planet that he attack his own free citizens. Stop demonizing the free market and other companies that have a right to make a profit. Stop using the politics of division. We see through it. We’re on to your gimmick, Mr. President, and we know you are telling us lies. Face it, the honeymoon is over. You aren’t going to stuff another boondoggle down our throats.

Just stop. No more spending. Read my lips: NO MORE SPENDING. Leave us alone. Stay out of our lives. Are we angry over the proposed health care bill? You bet.

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