Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Altruism Card

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently ascended to the level of God. She transformed from a mere human into a moral authority. A recent statement she made regarding Republican spending cuts was intended to set us straight and keep us on the “moral” path. Here is her statement:

“I think this debate is on a higher ground of our values. It’s not about money. It’s about the morality of what we’re doing.”

What are Ms. Pelosi’s values? From all indications, they are based upon the idea that a moral society is one that takes care of the poor, the aged, the downtrodden, the worker, the ethnic minority, leftist intellectuals and bureaucrats, and the CEO who pays the most in campaign contributions. Her values require that hard working people part with their money so those who do not work hard have an equal standard of living. These "values" were stated by Karl Marx, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is the morality that she is “doing”.

But are her values really our values? Do all Americans agree that re-distribution of earnings represents our highest values? Do they also think that it is more important to solve our so-called problems today with money that has yet to be earned? Do we really believe that we can make things better today by ensuring that our children and grandchildren are unable to live normal affluent lives? Is our good more important than their starvation and poverty? What generation can call itself moral that pushes the coming catastrophe far off into the future?

Ms. Pelosi has just played the altruism card and the stakes of her gambit are high. In the balance is whether we will continue toward bigger government and eventual collapse or make the needed changes that will get our country back on track toward freedom, individual rights and prosperity.

But she is correct in a sense; government spending is about morality; but not in the way she means it. Anything the government does is subject to moral evaluation; and the correct evaluation of her actions is simply this: what she is doing is immoral.

Ms. Pelosi apparently does not see the connection between her ideas and the very economic circumstances in which we find ourselves. She does not realize that every borrowed dollar government spends is a dollar taken from the private economy and contributes to our economic decline. It violates the individual rights of producers and destroys the incentive to produce more. It reduces the amount of money available to businesses and individuals. It gives this money to government under the false assumption that government spending will produce better results. What she does not realize is that government cannot effectively invest money in the private economy that originally came from the private economy. This merely moves money around allowing the government to rake off a big part for administrative costs (on non-productive jobs) with the rest of it going to boondoggles and deliberate government waste. This includes projects like cars no one will buy, energy that costs more to produce than government subsidized prices and non-productive leftist agendas with no real outcome. Spending does not spur production - only capital accumulation (private savings) can do that. If the myth of government spending isn’t immoral, I don’t know what is. If this isn’t a failure of “socialist morality”, then please tell me what socialist success looks like.

What does she count on when she uses the altruism card? What does she think should happen when she reminds us of our “duty” to sacrifice for others? She hopes that we will feel too guilty to stop government spending. She counts on us being too morally paralyzed to challenge the morality of sacrifice. Why shouldn't she? The altruism card has worked before and generations of teachers have been teaching sacrifice since progressives took over education; the kids are brainwashed and few adults have the moral courage to say...enough. She knows that all she has to do is call the Republicans cruel, heartless, evil, in the pay of corporations, unconcerned about the plight of the poor...and they'll fold like a tazed college student...every single time.

In fact, the altruism card has been used successfully by entire generations of progressive politicians. It is the tactic behind every measure that the progressives have advocated since they came to prominence. It starts when they create a victim of some type and demand that charity be extended to him. Then they blame a scapegoat for the victim’s suffering. They inform us that neither private charity nor the free market can take care of this victim; that private means have failed to solve the “problem”; that laissez faire ideas have, in fact, created the problem. Then they use the force of government to re-distribute money to the government (not the victim). This is forced altruism, the goal of the altruism card. This is Nancy Pelosi's morality.

But the problem of the invented victim is never solved. The altruism card merely creates the pretext for using it again. If it works today, then they will try it again tomorrow…until forever. By their view, there can never be enough sacrificing, not for moralists like Nancy Pelosi and progressives. Remember, the people who pay the money never see where the money goes. They only see protestations of “doing good”; they only see the victims and trust that some type of “good” will actually be accomplished by their giving. This is what she defends, a moral shell game fueled by sleight of hand with your money going into their pockets in more ways than you can imagine.

For centuries we have been brainwashed about altruism as a moral virtue. But let’s look at the history of some of the most common forms of altruism:

• For centuries, Kings pretended to be gods in order to justify their enslavement of citizens who were forced to give up their lives and work because it was considered good. The result was countless wars and dead bodies, fuedalism, famine and plague, subsistence farming and ignorance.

• Governments have engaged in endless propaganda campaigns intended to convince citizens that they have a duty to sacrifice for the good of the whole, whether that whole is a nation, a tribe, an ethnic group or a city. The result was the rise and fall of civilizations slowly robbed of their substance, culture and rights by thieving Emperors and politicians.

• Philosophers have developed deceptive arguments intended to convince people that they cannot rely on their own senses or their own minds. The goal of these schemes (such as the analytic-synthetic dichotomy) was to ensure that people never discovered reason and that they were too ignorant and “faithful” to think for themselves. The only thing men could rely on, under these schemes, is that government knew best and that their only moral act was to give up their minds to “strong and powerful” leaders who forced men to sacrifice for the sake of society. The result was institutional plunder of countless populations of confused citizens. The result was pragmatism (real politik), psuedo-science and a call for “Open Societies” which were nothing more than fascist dictatorships with their attendant anti-capitalism, genocide, racism and bankruptcy.

• Progressives for over 100 years have told us that capitalism has failed, that freedom has failed, that individual rights are a myth, that the Constitution was a document of negative rights. They touted the “civilized” and “practical” nature of societies dedicated to sacrifice for the collective. They swooned over swaggering chauvinistic leaders (dictators) with the will to "make the trains run on time" and they idealized citizens enthusiastically dedicated to the "good of society". This resulted in fascism, socialism, communism and other coercive governments run by murderous brutes who started major wars and created the bloodiest century in the history of man, the century of our parents and grandparents.

So today, when Nancy Pelosi tells you that we should spend the future income of our children for the sake of her view of what is moral, she is not talking about a morality that has created any good on this earth. Throughout history, altruism has only created economic depression and hunger. It has created more plunder and murder than any other system; it is based upon the morality of thieves, murderers, liars, gangsters and runaway politicians. It was imposed on our ancestors and today, it is being imposed on you and your posterity. You are part of the ages-old scheme of plunder.

Ms. Pelosi thinks she can get away with using the altruism card. She thinks we will deny reality and follow her leadership, not to solve problems, but to adhere to the “values” that have been so beautifully sung to us all our lives. It is a haunting melody based upon a lie. All you need is love. She knows that the altruism card has been played for centuries and, with the exception of one shining moment of enlightenment, it has wrought destruction every time. She knows that if she keeps playing the music of sacrifice, she will be able to keep spending us into oblivion. She knows that altruism is the one idea that destroys your ability to use reason. She knows it but you don’t. Don’t feel alone, the morality of plunder has exploited your ancestors. What makes you different? It's up to you to answer that question.

But what is true morality? What makes a person good? Is it the amount of money you can give away to support Nazi concentration camps, or Johnson’s Great Society or the Roman Empire or Obama’s Health Care program? The truth is that having your earnings confiscated by government does not make you moral; it destroys your ability to be moral. Having your money taken from you by force makes you a victim of crime. It destroys your ability to positively affect your life because it has removed from your life the value which you could have used to improve or enjoy it. This is why theft is immoral - it steals value - value gives you freedom of action - it violates rights - rights are about freedom of action - theft destroys your freedom of action. It doesn't matter if the theft is done by a criminal or Nancy Pelosi, you will suffer in exactly the same way regardless of who the thief might be. You lose; the criminal wins and lives to steal another day.

Morality begins with human choice, with confronting reality in order to create survival. It is about using your mind and making the right decisions about what advances your values. It is about having the self-esteem that never feels guilty for thinking. It is about trading your best product, your skill and your time for the best products of others. It is about an ever improving life made possible by a whole society of people seeking to be moral. Morality cannot exist without free trade, without the freedom that gives people the opportunity to produce their own happiness and to enjoy their own lives. Morality is not about giving things away or paying taxes; it is about creating value and keeping that value, it is about living without fear of government. Morality is not about guilt, it is about enjoyment and pride. That makes you a good person, not Nancy Pelosi’s re-distributionist “values”.

The altruism card is an attack on your happiness. It does not make your life better. Just look at the state of our economy. Every regulation, every tax dollar taken from you, every massive government program, every unneccessary war, would not have been possible were it not for their using the altruism card.

They convinced you that sacrifice would mean a better life. But the altruism card is not about a better life. Pelosi’s morality is about destroying your ability to be moral. It is about destroying your values.

I think the best answer to Ms. Pelosi is a Tea Party tsunami in 2012. Imagine a world without sacrifice. Your productive life would be better. You know that. What makes you think your neighbor's life wouldn't also be better?

Let's irradicate the scourge of slavery.