Friday, March 27, 2009


Thanks for viewing my blog. I created this blog in order to provide my thoughts about events that will unfold in the coming years; events that are going to affect our lives tremendously. Will we continue to be a free people, deciding for ourselves the directions of our lives or will we be herded into groups and classes to be favored or rejected by the ruling elite in the government? Will we be free to start businesses, earn profits and keep those profits or will we be enslaved in order to provide the money that will feed the government as it advances ever-growing and ever-changing social engineering schemes? Will we pay high taxes of low taxes? Will we trust our government to defend our rights or fear our government for its high handed practices, its coercion, its ever-changing decrees? Will our money be strong and purchase a large array of fine products to improve our lives or will it be stolen and put into the coffers of financial thieves in the treasury and Cayman Islands? Who are the villains today; the hard working people who want better lives and enjoyment or the government that wants us to sacrifice for the sake of those who have no desire to work hard? Hopefully, you will enjoy my perspective and my hopes for the future.

A key component of this blog is my advocacy of the Tea Party Concept. I think it is important that hard working citizens take definitive action when they think the government is stepping out of bounds. The Constitution, as it was originally written, does not allow the government to violate the rights of citizens. When pork is created without discussion and approval by the people, when government passes laws without debate, creates programs without justification or approval, spends money that does not exist except through inflating and devaluing the money that does exist, then the government must be stopped by responsible dissent.


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  2. Fantastic intro Robert!