Friday, July 16, 2010

The Divorce

Everything great comes from the creator. The creator is a certain type of individual who learns how to ask the right questions about the world and how to find the right answers. The creator is a survivor and maker of values. He is the individual who stands alone; he does not fear using his singular mind and he enjoys his ability to bring value into the world. In every way, he is an admirable individual.

Most parents try to teach their children to be self-sufficient and as soon as they see their child making his own way, they think their job is over; they turn him free. In fact, this is the time when the child is in the most danger. It is the time when he meets the destroyer.

The destroyer is an animal of prey. He is a person who cannot survive on his own. He has invented various means that enable him to latch on to the creator and steal value from him.

At first, when he is young, the creator thinks the road is clear. He feels a great energy and happiness and pride because everyone applauds his creative spirit. Everyone praises his ability and the more he creates the more they love him. The destroyer is circling above, waiting for a chance to pounce.

The destroyer is often one of the first to praise the creator. The creator thinks that everyone is like him, honest, truthful and self-sufficient. He cannot conceive of someone who would steal the substance of another person. Sometimes the destroyer marries the creator, having found his mark. Sometimes the destroyer creates laws that skim profits from the creator using a host of lies that blame the creator for doing harm. Sometimes he sues the creator for thousands or millions of dollars.

The methods invented for stealing value from the creator are numerous; their ultimate goal is to convince the creator that he owes something to the destroyer. In some way, whether it involves outright theft or institutional theft, the destroyer sets up a scheme that forces the creator into the position of draft animal.

After a time, the creator realizes that somewhere along the way, while his creative skills were growing, he had lost his position of being loved. Once the destroyer became comfortable, he stopped praising the creator and began making demands. The praise and admiration, the fidelity and love became vitriol and hatred, infidelity and ridicule. The destroyer had become the master while the creator had become a slave.

Once the creator sees that the destroyer had always been out to leach from him, he reacts to the position in which he has been placed. He realizes that the tables have been turned; he has been called a destroyer by the very people who once claimed to love him. He realizes that those one-time lovers are now vicious haters screaming that they have been enslaved by the creator who now owes them reparations. If they are successful in obtaining the status of permanent parasite, the destroyers demand that the creator work harder so they can live the life that the creator has somehow stolen from them. There are any number of lies and propaganda extant in society to help the destroyer in this scheme.

This predatory scheme has existed for centuries. It has been practiced by Kings and Queens who exploited their enslaved subjects. It has been practiced by monks and priests who exploited their faithful worshippers. It has been practiced by unappreciative wives or husbands against their alimony-paying spouses. It has been practiced by the supposedly “exploited” poor against productive capitalists. It had been practiced by the Nazis against the Jews, by the Chinese against small business people, by the Russians against the bourgeoisie and by the progressives against the capitalist system of America. At every turn in history, there have been destroyers who have stolen the values brought into the world by the creators and who have enslaved their betters for the sake of plunder.

In 2010, in America, the destroyers showed their naked thieving hands. In this singular year, the creators realized that the ancient game of plunder could not have been successful without their acquiescence. In 2010, the creators woke up.

Today the creator is a Tea Party protestor and there is nothing the destroyer can do about it. The destroyer can call the creator a bigot, a right wing extremist or a racist. He can call him a fascist or astro-turf…but the real truth is now known. The destroyer has finally been exposed as an undeserving parasite. He can say whatever he wants. He can lie that he is only trying to make things better. It doesn’t matter.

The divorce is final.

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