Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tea Party Protesters – the Left’s New Inferior “Race”

Why does the Left hate the Tea Party protesters? Why do they call these protesters fascists, racists, violent people and tea baggers (a sexual slur)? How is it that they are able to get away with these spurious insults when, in another time and place, they would be the first to protest such insults made by others? I think it is very simple. The Left is using the same thought process against Tea Partiers that racists use against other groups. Notice, I did not call the left racist. I am not “name-calling”. I said they are using the same thought process as racism. Let me explain.

Consider what real racism consists of. Racism is the idea that individuals with certain physical characteristics also contain “racial characteristics” such as ignorance, stupidity or inferiority. It is the practice of assigning negative “markers” to groups of people that are seen as threats or otherwise hated.

Racism is a type of discrimination that has exactly the same motive and result as does the attitude of the left toward the Tea Party people. To the leftists, the Tea Party people are the new inferior "breed", the people who deserve ridicule and exclusion from society because they are a threat to the "Master" establishment. Their collective markers are the characteristics that the leftists invent in order to insult them; such as uneducated, Astroturf, racist, bigots, etc. Indeed, the left’s discrimination toward the Tea Party protesters has the same motive, the same method, the same hatred, the same unfairness, the same collectivism, the same insults and the same results...which are isolation, unpopularity and exclusion: in a word, it is the same thought process as racism.

What is the connection between racist Dixiecrats and today’s left? Both groups think in terms of collectives, not individuals. The only difference between the two is that the hated collective for the left, the new hated “race” is made up of individuals in the Tea Party Movement.

In ridiculing the Tea Party Movement, the left is looking for a scapegoat to blame for its own mistakes. Leftists today lead a very precarious existence for several reasons. Their government solutions are not working. The jobs bill has failed, the American people do not support the Health Care bill, and their poll numbers keep going down…but worst of all those Tea Party people keep raising issues for which the left has no answer. Tea Partiers tell us that the left does not deserve the moral upper hand that it assumes for itself. The Tea Partiers say that the left’s coercive activities violate the Constitution. Such criticisms are so alien to their thought process and, frankly, they didn’t expect to be opposed on such grounds. So they call such arguments reactionary, fascist and right wing.

But that doesn’t help their insecurity. The Tea Party people won't stop saying that it was the progressives who caused the financial collapse, not capitalism. They say that socialism has failed due to the Community Reinvestment Act (that caused faulty loans to be approved) and the Federal Reserve (that caused the housing bubble). In fact, the Tea Party people insist that the sub prime financial debacle was a direct result of the left’s re-distribution schemes not the fault of a free market.

But there is a more important issue that encourages massive discrimination against people in the Tea Party Movement. It is not only that the Tea Party people stand opposed to the loss of their individual rights, certainly this is true, but consider the tremendous amount of power and money that the progressives and their oligarchic friends stand to lose if they are defeated politically. Though they know they will rule over a diminished economy, it is still a huge economy made up of some of the most talented and productive people in the world – and what is most disheartening for the left is that those very productive people are, in large measure, in the Tea Party...and they don't like the idea of being enslaved.

Think about how this complicates their new form of “political” profiling (as opposed to racial profiling) and how they define the enemies of society; not only does the American public not want the left's massive programs that are intended to benefit and enrich politicians and oligarchs; but the left has spent decades of taxpayer money concocting huge problems such as CO2 emissions, insurance company profits and financial “greed” in order to ‘sell’ their re-distribution scams; not only have they invested huge sums of their own money (that they made from selling short in the stock market) but they've also invested stolen money from government grants and other boondoggles, and, after all of that investment, they may not be able to enrich themselves after all. Can you feel the anger building?

If anything will generate hate among looters and plunderers it is the tremendous problem created when the very productive people who are being looted do not buy into the “sacrifice” scam. This means huge losses to the leftists. Do you wonder why they are passing their legislation in spite of the opposition of the American people? Do you wonder why they are verbally attacking the Tea Parties? They must engage in massive amounts of vitriol and hatred because there is too much on the line…so much that, well, there are going to be some very unhappy "investors" if the leftist schemes fail - people who don’t like to be disappointed, if you know what I mean.

So, like the Dixiecrats of the old south who once hated and ridiculed Blacks, the left must now accuse the Tea Parties of corrupting social cohesion, because for them it is true, the society they need, a society ripe for exploitation, may not actually be so ripe for exploitation. Those pesky Tea Party people have stood up against their plundering of the American economy.

So now you understand why the left doesn’t argue on issues but instead attacks the opposition with meaningless and pointless insults. That’s all they know because they’ve lost the mantle of morality long ago. Their highest level of morality is plotted across a negative scale consisting of a community organizer who teaches them to use ridicule against their enemies and that the end (theft) justifies the means (corruption); and a politician who schemes against productive businesses for a campaign contribution; or of a union organizer whose thuggish tactics force people to join unions so he can continue to plunder his depleted pension plan; or of a hedge fund manager who organizes a timely flight from the stock market in order to steal the savings of the American people.

I'm certain that I will be accused of gross unfairness in criticizing the corruption of the left while ignoring the "good things" they are trying to do. Some of this criticism will come from the "moderates" of today who think Obama is nothing more than a good guy trying to do the right thing. I think these people have their heads in the sand and, for that very reason, they are the most intolerant of all when it comes to the Tea Parties. These are the "fair minded" people who are "too busy" to pay attention to what is happening in our country and because so they don't know the difference between a Karl Marx and a Thomas Jefferson (and they don't want to know), or a Van Jones and a Glenn Beck; they see the issues as an argument between extreme personalities and nothing more. They think the Tea Party people are too concerned about what Rush Limbaugh says (who is not a Tea Party member) or they think our problem is that we spend too much time watching Fox News. For these people the problems in our nation are caused by people who just "hate" the President, not because he is a radical bent on total domination of their lives but because he is a Democrat (or black). They are missing the point.

They can't conceive of the idea that some Americans oppose the President, not out of hate, but because they understand that re-distribution does not work and never has worked in history. In fact, the true "moderate" today is the person who stands against everything Obama does. This is because everything he does is re-distribution and it is his policies that are at the extreme. There is no malice in recognizing that, and no radicalism, except in the sense that radical thinking is thinking in terms of fundamentals.

I've written before about the fact that the people to whom money is re-distributed by government never spend that money as sensibly as the person who first earns it. And quite often, the earners save that money so it can be invested in businesses and create jobs while government recipients merely spend it on consumption. The same principle applies to the oligarchs who steal the taxpayer's money through the various government/business alliances of the politicians. That money, obtained by corrupt means, will most often be invested in poorly managed factories, hiring unconcerned employees, producing poor quality products that no one wants.

So when someone thinks that the progressives are merely trying to make things better, they betray the fact that they don't think; they are their own worst enemies because they are unable to recognize the fallacies inherent in re-distribution schemes. A good example would be someone who says he has a solution to the financial crisis. We should make banks pay some of their profits into a program that gives loans to poor people so they can buy homes. This would help people and improve the economy says the advocate of this scheme. Yet, he ignores the fact that this program caused the financial meltdown in the first place and doing more of it would not improve things but make things worse. The idea of taking money from the owners of productive companies is a violation of their rights and it gives money to people who feel entitled to it but don't have the pride of having earned it. This is the immorality that Obama supporters completely overlook.

Progressives have only one solution to our nation's problems: make productive people pay so others may benefit...and this is the very sort of "solution" that never works - and it causes our nation's problems. It is this sort of solution, and many more like it proposed by the Obama administration (financial regulation, Cap and Trade, Health Care, and more) that are bringing about the biggest looting spree in the history of our country. The real solution offered by the Tea Parties is to stop all of this foolish spending and let the people solve the nation's problems through trade and good business practices. So who's the radical? Who's looking out for the nation? The Tea Party protesters whose opinions the leftists want to silence and ignore.

The Tea Party protesters are being discriminated against unfairly because they are standing on the ramparts to fight for their freedom. These courageous people are the left's new "inferior race" that won't be shoved to the back of the bus by hateful verbal thugs.

What the progressives have failed to understand is that in a free society, every person is an individual and he cannot be looted if he and many others stand up for individual rights. What the left fails to understand is that an educated citizenry is the last stand against thievery and plunder; the Tea Parties are the last hope for civilization.

Will you join us?

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