Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aphorisms – Part 2

A person who interprets the world through an ideology of lies, even if he is not aware of the lies, is capable of much harm.

You must remember: doing evil requires a conscious choice to hurt people.

It has been said that some people muddy their waters in order that they appear deep. I would add that they also expect full payment.

Honesty comes with a discount made up of truth and good will.

Anyone who says that Fox News brainwashes people is trying to brainwash people.

People who spend too much time on their trash have too much time on their germ-infested hands.

Democrats are now in control of our college students. That should be educational.

Economic principle: Never throw good money after bad.

Some people think it is the height of morality to criticize the rich as immoral. On the contrary, it is the height of immorality to criticize the rich as immoral.

Moral principle: Never waste your time talking to a person who declares an explicit hatred of reason.

You’re wasting your time if you think you can love humanity. You can only love individuals.

Sacrifice for mankind and you’ll be tired by noon.

Fighting for freedom is not a sacrifice. Being a productive person and paying taxes is a sacrifice.

People died fighting for freedom knowing that some others would not fight for freedom.

Your parents took care of you because they love you, not because they are evil capitalists who had a little surplus money that they stole from the poor.

Capitalist: a person who saves his money in a bank so it can be loaned to others to produce goods that improve lives.

Government: a group of people who take your money and give it to those who do not produce goods and improve lives.

Government job: employment of a person who doesn’t care, is incompetent, produces nothing and can’t be fired.

Union organizer: a person who will beat you up if you don’t join his union so he can protect you.

There may be a reason why the government wants our children to spend their time recycling and being ecologically correct. It makes them into willing slaves, eager to gain approval and especially eager to settle for a lower standard of living. They will be too busy counting plastic bottles to have the time to create the next new energy-saving, life-giving advance in the world. There shall be no rebels or inventors in the brave new world. There will be plenty of serfs.

Community organizer: a person who will do anything, say anything and countenance anything in order to save you from people who wouldn't hurt you anyway.

Government can only spend money. It produces nothing.

I believe in "wealth justice". If you earn it, it is just.

Marxist: a person who believes that any surplus money you earn through hard work and thrift was stolen from the person who hates his job, hates his boss, believes he is underpaid and hates to work.

What is the moral equivalence between freedom and force?

Honor your parents. They fed you while you were being a thoughtless, unappreciative brat.

A boss is like a parent, long-suffering, hard working and constantly spending money hoping someday you’ll be productive.

Progressives want the credit and the glory for helping the poor while removing money from the productive economy, destroy productive jobs, reducing commerce and enriching their friends with stolen money.

The easiest way to become a thief is to be a politician. You can steal all the money you want, and instead of going to jail, you will have monuments built for you, streets named after you and books written about you.

How to recognize a liar politician: Just listen to him.

If you choose a Bohemian lifestyle, remember: your friends have chosen the same.

Some people are more comfortable around rabble rousers and itinerants. Others wisely look for the door.

The sub-prime crisis was caused by re-distributing homes to the poor. The solution offered by the politicians is to re-distribute money to the poor so they can keep the homes that were re-distributed to them. This is called throwing good money after bad.

Do you believe there is such a thing as wealth inequality in the USA? That term assumes that such inequality is someone's fault...that there is something we should make equal, something we should fix. It is what Obama is all about...fixing wealth inequality. I think that if you have earned a lot of money through hard work, that is justice. You should be proud of it and you should keep your money.

Freedom is an idea that people have died to preserve. Slavery is a condition that kills people. Soldiers die for freedom...nobody dies to be a slave.

Age has the ability to look back and the virtue of deliberation...youth has the misfortune of inexperience and of hasty advance over the precipice.

Some things require a skilled craftsman to make. These are our most precious values. You can take them apart but you can't put them back together. I hope this isn't true of freedom though it is a precious value that took much skill to create.

Collectivist government can only create conflicts among men because it requires that some men pay for the benefits of other men.

Never trust the person who says he's doing something for your own good unless he's your parent.

30 million people to get health care. Who's paying for it? Not those 30 million people.

You can say it isn't socialism but you can also say it isn't real. In fact, you can say anything you want...doesn't make it so.

Shine the light of truth into the dungeons of mystics and kings...and you liberate the mind to explore the heights of knowledge. Courage, happiness and peace of mind are the rewards of truth. The alternatives are cowardice, decline, decay and misery. Make your choice. Dungeons or telescopes.

It is time that honest people realize you cannot be bi-partisan in an atmosphere where one party is intent on moving us toward dictatorship.

You cannot build an economy from the bottom up. The people at the bottom don’t know how to spend the money you give them. You build an economy by leaving people alone to make their own decisions.

The result of bottom up economics is top down wealth destruction. Eventually, no one has wealth.

People who can't take a stand between freedom and force are the reason we have so much force imposed upon us by government.

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