Friday, December 11, 2009

Richard Behney for Senate

I think that a viable political strategy for 2010 is, at the very least, to do what we can to gridlock the next Congress. Elect out as many of the candidates we can in each local area and make sure that no one party dominates on the Hill. Elect in alternative candidates where those candidates are consistently free market and individual rights advocates, especially those that came out of the Tea Parties. On a national level, Tea Partiers, who we know number in the millions, should donate money to the campaigns of a few "Tea Party Candidates" for Congress and Senate so they have the ability to make strong challenges to the incumbents. I urge all Tea Party protesters all over the country to donate to Richard Behney's Senate run in Indiana against Evan Bayh. This can be a highly visible campaign, covered by the media and especially Fox News, that would set the basis for the formation of a third party going forward. There is still a lot of education that needs to take place and this national support of a Tea Party candidate during this election cycle could help in that effort.

I am re-printing this email that I received from Richard Behney for Senate Headquarters. I urge you to help in any way you can...if only it means forwarding this to everyone you know. I've met Richard and I believe he would be an outstanding Senator from Indiana. Anyone who reads this from the media, please help get the word out that a Tea Party leader is taking on the establishment. You can contact him through his website.

"I am Richard Behney, Founder of the Indianapolis Tea Party and Republican Candidate for the United States Senate challenging Blue-Dog Democrat, Evan Bayh. Many from our Hoosier Tea Parties and 9.12 groups asked me to step forward to take our voice inside the Capitol. I’ve accepted the challenge, and am willing to stand in the gap. Now its up to you!

You need to understand, the GOP does not support this campaign financially. In fact, they actually work towards silencing our grassroots voice (look no further than NY-23 for evidence of that). Let me be straight with you…this fight will not continue unless YOU, the Tea Partiers, 9.12ers, and other freedom-loving Americans, are prepared to step up now and put your money where your passion is.

This is DO or DIE.

Consider this an urgent CALL TO LIBERTY – we must raise funds for our campaign to continue. Beginning now through December 16th, the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party, we must raise $100,000 to sustain this campaign or forfeit our voice.

I urge you to go to to make your $20, $50, $100 or more donation today! You and I both know our individual rights and liberties are worth far more than $20, $50, or $100. They are priceless.

Your donation will make a difference.


Richard Behney"


  1. We cannot let our country go without a fight. Richard Behney has 110% of my support. He is who he says he is and I urge everyone to look at his website ( and then donate. I know I will. We have to keep him in the fight.

  2. Please let's keep up the pressure. Forward this blog to everyone you know and ask your friends and family to forward it to everyone they know. Let's make it go viral and defeat Evan Bayh.

  3. Its hard for me to get my head around the fact that this man has done so much to get the tea party movement going in our state, and seems to have quite a following, but isn't getting financial support. Let's go guys! Running a campaign takes money! We can't afford to lose Richard in this race! The other candidates are same old/same old. I want to send a revolutionary to the Capitol. Let's support him, fellow patriots!

  4. Let's get the word out to Tea Partiers all over the country. This candidacy can be a means for people all over the country to get at least one candidate into the Senate. Please donate even if you aren't from Indiana. And please spread the world. Where is Glenn Beck on this? Why can't he interview Richard again and help build the campaign war chest?

  5. This saddens me. A lot. Come on lovers of liberty! Let's not lose our candidate from the tea party!

  6. I'm so very impressed with Richard. He is exactly the kind of man Indiana needs to send to the Senate. Richard will fight hard for us in Washington, but right now we must take immediate action and fight for him. Please go to and donate. Most of us aren't rich but if each of us do what we can even a donation of $20 when added together with the rest of us can make a hugh difference. Please donate then call 10 friends and ask them to step up and stand for Richard.