Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I See

I look
and I see death.

I see leaders scheming,
I see gangsters stealing,
I see liars lying,
I see people marching,
I see people running,
I see young men dying,
I see bodies broken,
I see mothers mourning,
I see children starving,
I see huge tanks rolling,
I see teargas spreading,
I see terror growing,
I see teardrops falling.

And my task is to make sense.

Copyright 2009 Robert Villegas, Jr.


  1. Robert, that poem is sad...

  2. Response: I have written happy poems and even what I think are beautiful love poems. But the scenes described above were from news clips of our time...and unfortunately, they make up the themes of our time...we must not hide our head in the sands...we must understand what causes such evils and attempt to establish a society where good people prevail...not evil people. We must think and we must put great thought into what we do politically. Your future depends upon it.