Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I Am Protesting on April 15, 2009

Today, many Americans are expressing their displeasure over government policies of high taxes and massive government spending programs. Americans have decided that enough is enough and that Mr. Obama and Congress need to hear from hard working Americans.

President Obama spoke to American’s today and it is apparent that he is getting frustrated that there are so many protestors against his policies. He seems to be doing a speech a day and every time he talks, it has little impact on the stock market. It could be that people don’t believe him. This speech, significantly, was about reducing taxes. He paraded some American families in front of the public (probably from ACORN?) to whom he promised to reduce taxes. He told us that he had promised tax cuts in his campaign. I guess he wonders why we didn’t believe the lie then and are out in the streets all over the country.

I, for one, see many economic principles being violated by the government's policies, not the least of which is the law of supply and demand; he seems to think that he can improve our economy by increasing demand (spending money on wasteful programs). Unfortunately, it is supply he needs to stimulate by leaving the economy alone. If you foolishly try to increase demand by printing lots of dollars you are taking money from the savers who are responsible for increasing supply. If they don’t have money to invest in supply all you are doing is raising prices on those products that are being made.

I tried to do another sign but it takes a lot of time so I decided to put it here on my blog.

This sign would have said:

“Promises, Promises

A Middle Class Tax Cut?

Inflation is a Tax Increase
Higher Business Taxes are a Tax Increase
Massive Deficit Spending is a Tax Increase
Cap and Trade is a Tax Increase
A High Gasoline Tax is a Tax Increase
50% Drop in the Stock Market is a Tax Increase
40% Drop in 401K Plans is a Tax Increase”

I know, it’s too much for one Poster…but so is this out of control government.

Now it’s our turn to speak – See you there.

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