Thursday, February 23, 2012

The President's Gimmick Part 1

(This blog post closes out the previous seven blog posts (The Truth about the President’s Economic Policies). It resumes the discussion with the focus on the President’s use of the term “optimism” as a character trait of the American people. “Optimism” was described by me in the previous posts as a non-essential characteristic of the American people that changes the debate from liberty to sacrifice. The previous blog posts also focused on the need for a leader with the capacity to tell the truth.)

How can a President who trades in untruth win an election? Does he not know that you can’t solve our nation’s problems by focusing on non-essential traits such as “optimism”? This approach precludes a discussion about the fundamental traits that make it possible for Americans to muster strength against difficult odds. Like the Germans under Hitler, who were told that their essential characteristic was their willingness to sacrifice for the “volk”, the American people are feeling the burden of massive deficits, constantly rising prices and an inability to know how to right the nation’s course. As they watch their incomes buying less each week, they will have to lower their expectations, reduce spending and eat less. Where will their optimism go then? Will they continue to feel that life is a great adventure and that anything is possible?

In fact, the President’s appeal to optimism solves nothing. People cannot be optimistic when they are bleeding to death. When people are called to sacrifice more and more with each government failure, eventually, people give up and the President will declare that they are not good enough for his grand vision of the future. This has happened in virtually every collectivist experiment in history.

Eventually, people will begin to see that the President is merely using the language of sacrifice in order to launder money for the sake of people who are not required to sacrifice; the cronies in some large corporations, the bureaucrats who determine life and death, the leftist organizations that dispense lies and steal elections, the politicians who enjoy yachts and private jets and Caribbean chalets; and even the poor who receive sustenance while the producers work a second and/or third shift. They begin to wonder if there is not some gimmick being used on them, some deceptive words that are intended to hurt them in some way.

What will Americans be told when their optimism is gone? As a pragmatist, the President will have another gimmick ready. He will take the opportunity to hire his old friends from ACORN, meet with his friends in the unions, his friends at Americorp, his friends at Occupy Wall Street, his friends at Media Matters and put them to work to channel your energy toward, guess what, more sacrifice. By then, he’ll have given Americans so many scapegoats who are “responsible” for the nation’s suffering that many people will blindly follow his community organizers. By then, many more Americans will be slaves who must march on his order, protest on his order, shake down businesses on his order - for the sake of $40.00 a week of worthless money in their paychecks.

For the President, sacrifice is a magic formula, a benign concept viewed positively by millions. When companies like Solyndra squander the money your sacrifice has given them, the answer is not to stop giving money. Solyndra’s failure is proof that the American people did not give enough money. When the unions destroy large industries through high wage demands, Americans are told the cause of bankruptcy was not enough bailout money. More sacrifice always fixes too little sacrifice according to the President. And the spiral goes down, down, down, across a whole country that blindly demands more of what caused the problem.

The President does not seem to realize that sacrifice is a failed idea. He has yet to question the discredited ideas of Kant, Hegel, Marx and Engels, each of whom preached duty and sacrifice. Like Francis of Assisi, the monk who seldom bathed, he thinks sacrifice brings great benefits and solidarity to mankind. He ignores the decay of the Dark Ages ruled by Christian sacrifice. He’s forgotten the killing fields of the most altruistic societies in history such as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and Communist China. His friends are far left fascists who reject the Constitution and think that good government is re-distribution. Like many American intellectuals, he refuses to see that the negatives associated with sacrifice are worse than any of the possible benefits. He is swamped by technocrats who think they know better what the people need. Yet, they do not have the intellectual acumen that would bring them to question the idea that men should be forced to sacrifice. For them, the need for sacrifice is a foregone conclusion, an idea so logical, that it should not be questioned. As typical altruists, they do not realize that the essence of altruism is that it demands suffering.

One of the most deceptive aspects of altruism includes many of the President’s favorite themes. These themes represent the “escape clauses” of altruism; the methods of deception that give “credibility” to the idea of sacrifice and make it seem to be about helping others. Altruists routinely equate sacrifice with such concepts as love, benevolence, helping those one loves, kindness, generosity, voluntary charity and other concepts that have nothing to do with the idea that men must be forced to give up their lives, energy, money and profits for the sake of those who have not earned them. Altruism claims to be about helping people, but throughout history, it has lambasted honest, hard-working people by calling them selfish and exploitive. Altruists of the past have even jailed, hanged and tortured people for the mere act of trying to survive. This is the essence altruism: hating people and wanting to see them suffer. It is about ridiculing the successful and stealing their success. It is about the destruction of the human mind, confusing people, making them feel guilty and berating them for self-interest.

The President routinely equates sacrifice with the success of our country. He interprets the work that Americans have done for themselves and their families as sacrifice and claims that this “sacrifice” made America great, not individual initiative, not individual rights, not economic freedom. This attempt to switch the founding principle of our nation from freedom to sacrifice is the gimmick that the President uses when he proposes more sacrifice. He seeks to turn our nation away from individual rights toward a fascist system where the government plays referee, decides winners and losers and buys votes by punishing honesty and ambition.

Certainly a person of the President’s knowledge and intellect knows that history has shown altruism to be the means for looting societies. History has shown that the failures of the sacrificial state have only been met by more sacrifice and that the people are eventually left destitute. Is he that mentally addled that he cannot see the consequences of sacrificial societies? Is his gimmick an intentional act of deception or is he merely disconnected from reality? Perhaps we should question his mental powers, his psychology.

-to be continued

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