Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Truth About the President’s Economic Policy Conclusion

So, if none of our leaders will provide the truth about the President’s speech in Kansas, someone else will have to do it.

Yet, the President is correct. The issue of capitalism versus regulation is the defining issue of our time and we must resolve this issue once and for all. The debate, in essence, is about morality and politics because it involves basic questions about man’s nature and the purpose of government. I have written about this extensively in other blog posts.

The discussion, in this blog post, is about the proper role of government about which the President’s speech also pretended to be. The basic questions include: Should government have the authority to use force against citizens in order to advance goals that are contrary to the citizens? What should happen when the actions of government conflict with the needs of human survival? Does the government have the authority to coerce people who are not criminals? What should be the role of individual rights in framing the government?

And more specifically: Does the President have a respect for the rule of law? Does he understand that the government was created to protect individual rights and that there is no authority in the Constitution (and in reality) that gives one man the power to dictate to others how they will act, which products they will choose and what they will do with the money they have earned through their own work? What is the moral justification for expropriating the money of citizens and spending it on projects and programs that the Constitution does not authorize? How can the morality of altruism be practiced by a government prohibited from violating freedoms?

At every turn, it seems the President has an answer. But it is an answer that hangs in the ether without foundation and justification. He thinks it is perfectly within his realm of authority to act as the sole judge of these issues because the election gave him that authority. But it did not. His campaign proclamation to bring forth “change” does not invalidate the Constitution. His intent to engage in unilateral action violates the rules of Republican government. For a man who is supposedly a Constitutional scholar, his actions represent a strange twist on the concept of Presidential power. We did not elect him to make his own laws. We elected him to be the President of the United States, not the dictator of the United States. There are constraints on his power which he cannot violate.

The President thinks that in order to govern, he need only declare an “emergency” and then act unilaterally. This is one of the worst arguments for Presidential Power ever to land in the White House. Forget that this approach is an invitation to “create” the emergencies that supposedly require direct action. Forget that he is inventing emergencies virtually at will. Forget that his policies violate the principles of separation of powers and check and balances. Forget that individual rights have gone virtually out the window. What baffles most people is that the President thinks he is the only person who understands the causes of our problems (self-interest) and that the only solution is altruism and re-distribution. One could not write a serious analysis of the President’s theory of Presidential power; one could only write a comedy.

Yet, this is a deadly serious issue. The President has subordinated our very survival to the absolute necessity of his election in November. Consider what this means for your life: You will have to endure this low economy, possibly lose or never get a job, possibly lose your home if you haven’t already lost it, possibly endure runaway inflation and higher taxes, just so we can have President Obama as our leader for the next four years. Look within your soul and ask yourself whether you will be able to survive the next four years of the Obama administration?

Capitalism means survival for our citizens and our nation. The President denigrates capitalism as if the act of trying to survive is somehow immoral. Capitalism allows for the free flow of capital and investment into better ideas that make better lives. The President calls capitalists “those at the top” and he demands that more taxes be paid by the rich while he ignores the simple fact that the rich do not have enough money to pay for the massive over-spending he has done. And, when the results of the President’s policies are manifest, the President asks for more sacrifice, not just from the rich, but from the very people he claims to be helping: the middle class. The squeeze is on and we are the lemons.

Yet, the real tax on the middle class is not found on a tax return. It is the tax of inflation which will come down hardest on the aged and the poor. This tax is accomplished by printing fiat money to pay for the massive debt the President continues to build. New printed money added to the economy dilutes the value of existing money and this creates inflation. When that inflation in the form of higher and higher prices (called runaway inflation) hits and people notice they don’t have enough money to survive, many will not know that it is the President who did this to them.

So the talk of raising taxes on the rich, because it would do nothing to eliminate the deficit, is nothing more than rhetoric. The President is using the “bash the rich” class warfare mantra, not to expose an evil player on the scene, the rich, but to hide the real evil player, himself. The President would drag the nation down rather than build it up. He would rather create conflict and discord among Americans in order to set the stage for the system of government that creates poverty.

To further understand this, I’d like to quote another speech by the President, the speech he gave on the night he was elected in 2008:

“It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America.”

There’s that “defining moment” line again, or should I say, this speech is the genesis of that defining moment that he later talked about in his Kansas speech. Since we're talking about "defining" moments, why didn't the President “define” “change” when it would have helped the voters decide?

But some of us have figured it out. His actions have shown us what change means and we say, ‘No, thank you, Mr. President.” We've figured out that the defining moment the President hoped for is the moment when the American people decide to make sacrifice the motivating principle of their society; the moment when they decide to loot the wealth of those who made prosperity possible; the moment when we become a society of cannibals. That is the change he has brought to America.

Many of us have also figured out that, in practice, the President’s “change” meant full-blown fascism; the massive looting of society by the government. I’ve written about our country’s movement toward fascism and I’ve defined the term while few others have. Fascism is the worst, ugliest system to come out of the last century. It holds that the government can make people do whatever it wants while leaving to them the responsibility for the failures of its policies. It means spending taxpayer money to bailout corporations and their unions. It means spending taxpayer money to fund the creation of new industries regardless of whether the people want those industries. It means printing money which steals peoples’ savings and creates the hidden tax of inflation. It means massive government debt imposed upon people without their consent. It means using taxpayer money to fund organizations that the government favors but which the people do not. It means putting the competitors of friends out of business through regulations and picking winners and losers. Fascism is runaway government. This is the change the President promised and his actions prove it.

We must ask ourselves a very important question: Why did fascist Germany lose the war in Europe? This question is important to us because almost all the things the President is doing today were done by the German fascists before him. The German people lost that war because they had been worn down by their own government. They were educated constantly on the vibrant future that would come about through their sacrifice for the Volk. They were promised a 1,000 year Reich and a brilliant future of world power and affluence. As time went on, the toil of the entire society, by means of aggressive war, became necessary so they could win “living space” for Germany. This goal required unceasing work and commitment from every member of society. It meant that they had to "donate" their money, time, effort and minds to a collective goal defined by the government. Germany's "defining moment" came when they voted Hitler into power; when they declared that they would be a society of sacrifice for the collective.

Eventually, these people began to see the sinister nature of fascism; the regimentation, the slave labor, the blood and the death it created. Those that did not know the evil going on, at the very least, began to suspect that the speeches of Hitler were intended to steal from them their life blood and their children for the sake of the biggest sacrifice in history, not only their own self-sacrifice but the sacrifice of entire nations and whole peoples all over the world. The inflationary policies of the government that built huge highways, powerful armies and massive government buildings were not seen as victories by the people but as the cause of rising prices and increasing misery. Before Germany was defeated by the allies, the spirit of the people had collapsed from within due to the demanding policies of the government. The end result is that Hitler blamed the German people for not being good enough for the future he promised.

Fascism always collapses because eventually it requires total sacrifice and this makes life impossible. The lies lead to failures and more lies; the failures lead to more taxes. More taxes lead to reduced standards of living and eventually to slave labor and collapse. We are not there yet, but we are on the tipping point. Once high taxes on the rich destroy future investment, and once inflation causes a collapse of the currency, poverty will have reached a level so low that society will collapse. The destruction of America will be complete and the hordes of plundering Armies from other countries will have their way. Will someone be able to look back and see that the genesis of our destruction was that we allowed altruism and sacrifice to plunder us before the Armies descended? Only the victors write the history books and you can be assured of a long dark age of misery if we don’t recognize now that the defining issue of our time is capitalism and freedom versus fascism and slavery.

How do the President and his fellow travelers respond to the charge of fascism? They laugh and tell us that anyone who would think such a thing is ignorant and worthy of ridicule. Do they define the type of government they stand for? No, they refuse to discuss ideology because they hold ideology to be an outdated way of defending their plans for society. They evade the discussion of principles in order to evade telling people the truth about what they are doing. As plunderers and thieves, they must tell people that everything is normal, as it was, and that they are just asking for a little bit of sacrifice. They use a “we versus them” approach that denigrates anyone who would disagree with them, dropping intellectual debate to the level of the street fighter, the public opinion poll and the man with the gun. They hope that people ignore the deeper philosophical issues that they must confront if they are to save themselves. Cheap character assassination and cheaper criticisms of capitalism are their stock in trade. Rumor-mongering and scandal-mongering are their political weapons. They masquerade as objective critics doing their best to understand the “facts” but they base their criticisms on an unacknowledged Marxist ideology which they pretend is scientifically proven and beyond question.

Yet, their true political ideology, the reason that the President did not define what “change” meant during his election campaign, is fascism. Their pragmatism requires that they masquerade as good people who must defend us against the “bad” people out for a profit. Just as the Nazi’s vilified the industrious Jews and other capitalists as the enemies of society, today’s fascists in the administration are vilifying business executives and rich people as the enemies of society.

Remember, that altruism, sacrifice, is a characteristic of fascism. Remember, that it has caused our economic collapse…and now consider…that the President plans on winning the next election by appealing to the very philosophical principle that is dragging our nation into the ditch…altruism. If he can get you to compromise and agree with him that we need more “giving”, he has won the debate and the rest is merely a matter of implementation via force. He wants you to blame yourself for not sacrificing enough and he wants you to vote for him because he’s the altruistic leader “fixing” America (with your dollars taken from you by force).

Yet, the guilty secret that the President refuses to acknowledge is the fact that re-distribution and altruism actually make things worse for all Americans. It is a flight of fancy to think taking from some Americans and giving to others will actually do any good. Re-distribution does not create new wealth; it steals wealth from producers and gives it to people who will merely consume it. This creates a net decline in the economy regardless of how efficient the technocrats are in re-distributing it. Eventually, the people from whom the money was taken will realize that their work yields them a poor result so they slow their effort and reduce their savings.

The flaw in the President’s system is that there will never be an end to the call for sacrifice. In spite of declining economic conditions caused by too much sacrifice, the President will call for more sacrifice. That the people are impoverished, that they are starving, poorly clothed and in poor living conditions is never blamed on the government. The government is good it is thought. It is only trying to help the poor they tell us. Yet, when people sacrifice their total production to the goals of the government, they have nothing to eat, to wear, to enjoy. We are getting there and when we reach the bottom level of misery, we’ll be told that our misery is the result of our greed and self-interest and that we have not sacrificed enough. It is an old story.

When we have eaten the productive citizens alive, we must find new scapegoats to eat, the greedy ones that have been “stealing” from the people who have nothing to steal. When we’ve destroyed the last factory, looted the last grocery store in the name of “the people”, then we’ll have reached the dead end. Some might remember hearing that “the best sacrifice is total sacrifice” and they’ll wonder why this idea didn’t make things better. Weren’t they trying to do the right thing? And some few might vaguely remember the words of the President about a defining moment when we “changed” into the “right” kind of society and we’ll wonder what happened. When we remember that someone “told you so” and warned you what was coming, you’ll vaguely remember that these people were bad. At this point, it is time to start eating shoe leather if you can find it.

Leaders such as President Obama, as did the leaders of Nazi Germany, are perennially waiting for their failed policies to someday succeed. They put off far into the future, the affluence of the coming great society they claim to be building. Today, we are told, it will happen after the election and we must stay the course.

We started this series of blog posts by recognizing our need to have honest leaders who are willing to admit the truth. But when the leaders are lying to the people; when their policies are creating rather than solving the problems of the nation, a free people has only one option; and that is to vote out the people who refuse to be honest with them.

Fascism is the worst possible system for mankind. Because it is constantly manipulating the people and their institutions, a fascist government is always on a collision course with reality. Today, one regulation is proposed to fix a problem caused by yesterday’s regulation. Tomorrow a new regulation will fix the problems created by today’s regulation and so on until there are more umpires than players, more policemen than citizens, more regulators than regulated, more dead than living.

In the past, many Americans realized that fascism was so bad they were willing to die in battle to defeat it. Today, we are being counseled by our leaders to accept it without even being told that it is fascism. We must face the fact that these leaders have accepted corruption as “practical” and they think the best way forward is to turn every man into a dependent waiting for the next handout taken from the honest work of a few slaves. This is the system they want and this is the system they tell your children is moral.

It should have been no surprise that the Nazis would eventually descend into the gutter. The murders of millions and the concentration camps are only some of the atrocities possible to a government which does not recognize individual rights. We must understand that our government, by not recognizing the right of people to their own production, by arbitrarily raising taxes, printing money, creating massive budgets, practicing crony capitalism and engaging in government corruption is on a collision course with reality as well.

No one can "regulate" prosperity into existence. No one can manipulate a people into responding positively to coercion. No one can lie themselves into power and expect that no one will know the truth. Sooner or later, someone will mumble under his breath the complaint that the leaders are bumbling idiots.

Yet, the brutal truth is that one can’t use force and “hope” for anything. One does not use force against disarmed citizens in the hope that things will get better. In order to be willing to use force against other men, a man must first hate those other men. In order to invoke policies that destroy people, one must want to destroy those people. This is not something that a person can do in ignorance. This is true of the man who gives the order, the politician who votes for it and the stormtrooper who enforces it with his bayonet. No one gets to the point of murdering innocent people without first deciding to murder someone.

The truth about the President’s economic policy is that it is a policy of deliberate destruction. The sooner we put a stop to this madness, the sooner we will be able to restore our liberties and begin living again.

There is only one way to plant the seed of prosperity in a people and that is to leave them free and protect them in their freedom. Let them think for themselves, express their own true thoughts, work according to the truth and let them trade without restriction and you will build the basis of a great society. When we recognize this again, it will be the true defining moment for a great society.

Where is George Washington when you need him?

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