Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Truth about the Obama Economic Policy Part 1

“I am not one of those whom one may ask about their why” – Nietzche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)

Whenever a nation faces a great challenge, the leader of that nation must tell the truth. He must stand upon a lectern so high that the entire nation can hear and ponder his words. He must carefully explain the situation, how the nation got there and what must be done to correct the mistakes of the past. To use a cliché, only the whole truth can help a people muster the courage necessary to save the nation. Only the whole truth can clear minds and establish the proper agenda for victory.

For a true leader, this is not a problem. Truth and honesty are part of his life. He became successful by correctly assessing a number of situations and he has proven his leadership under fire, among real people and on the battlefield that is the real world. He also knows that he cannot solve human problems by lying to the people. He must be sufficiently analytical and self-critical that he is able to discover the flaw, even in his own philosophy, that has caused the nation’s problems; and he should be forthcoming about that flaw. Times of crisis are not times for rationalization, excuse making and narcissism. If a leader thinks he can rationalize his own failings, then the nation will not be well-served.

But the truth requires more than just a statement of fact. The correct context must be established and the leader must understand that the unseen is often the cause of the seen. He must grasp the fact that it is his responsibility to be dispassionate, even self-critical, if he is to earn the trust of the people. Such a person must have a commitment to the truth and he must express it clearly, with the dignity that makes him trustworthy. He is the embodiment of the people's struggle, the repository of their hope and the representative of their aspirations for a better life. He must know that he holds the survival of the nation in his hands and that the lives of people are at stake. Only a great leader can clarify the moral issues upon which a nation is founded and only a great leader can muster the honesty necessary to point out the moral principles upon which survival will be based.

Our nation is on the precipice of disaster. Millions of individuals are without jobs, many of them have lost their homes and many live in homes worth less than the amount owed on them. The cost of transportation is going up. The cost of food is going up and there is no end in sight to the suffering. Society will collapse if the negative trends continue. Government policies have caused these sufferings and only a change in government policy will rectify them.

In the midst of this suffering, our President gave a speech in Kansas recently, in the virtual center of the country, in which he spelled out what he considers to be the truth; how he thinks we got to this position, the principles we have disregarded and the solution to our problems. He wanted the nation to rally around him and accept his philosophy as our best hope. He also wants us to reelect him so he can do more of what he has been doing to “solve” our problems.

As I will show, the speech was full of lies and any rational person can see that this man is not up to the task of leadership. The speech was full of so many rationalizations, so many fallacies, so many excuses and false solutions that any clear thinking individual can see that this man must be removed from power in the next election (if not sooner).

Yet, the aftermath of the speech exposed the fact that our situation is worse than we had thought. It exposed a leadership vacuum, not only with the President, but with his opposition as well. There appears to be no one who can answer the President; there is no one who is capable of telling the truth; no one who can rise to the occasion; no one who can tell us why we are bankrupt monetarily and morally. The President’s speech may have given us lies, but the opposition to him has been silent.

Why is that? I think it is because the opposition cannot refute what the President said in his speech. The opposition is swimming in the same river, so to speak. Republican politicians agree with every major premise the President accepts and because there really is no opposition, there is no one in the public arena who can save the nation. Where are Gingrich and Romney on this speech? Why haven’t they spoken up? Where is the response that will answer the President in clear, believable terms? Certainly, in the midst of all this nihilism, there is a person who can clearly articulate the flaws in the President's economic policy. Where is the opposition leader who is up to the challenge of history?

So, if none of our leaders will provide the truth, someone else will have to do it.

-to be continued

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