Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Fascism of Today's Left

"I am much interested and deeply impressed by what he has accomplished and by his evidenced honest purpose of restoring Italy and seeking to prevent general European trouble." -Franklin D. Roosevelt (about Mussollini)

Progressives today are in a deep quandry. Their suggestions for improving the economy cannot be explained in terms that people understand. The left can tell us what they want to do for the economy but not the general principles upon which these actions are based. They don't want to use words like socialism, fascism, and corporate welfarism because of the negative connotations of these words. The result is that they can't admit that they absolutely love fascism.

You might think this is a specious charge. But there are only so many things you can call a system of government. You might as well call it what it is.

In a past post, I listed many types of governmental systems:

“Know the types of governments.
• Limited government – a government limited to protecting individual and property rights. It is a government that bans force except in the areas of fighting crime and fraud against otherwise free citizens.
• Statism - a political system where the state makes all decisions and assumes the right to control all aspects of life for the individual.
• Fascist state – a government of private property where the government selectively tells people how to manage their property.
• Socialist state – a government that owns the major industries and decides production quotas for the economy.
• Communist state – a government that owns all property and makes all economic decisions.
• Welfare state – a government that is based on re-distribution of income from the producers to the non-producers – it requires a coercive state.”

The original list was much longer but this is sufficient to indicate that there are different names for different systems. All we have to do is find the right name for our system.

These names mean something; and if people want to learn how to think correctly, they should be willing to identify systems according to the characteristics that a given system displays, not according to the propaganda with which advocates wish to align.

The leftists, in particular, have given us only a rambling discourse about what they represent. Sometimes, they call themselves liberals, progressives, democrats, and while their opposition dutifully follows along; they are totally oblivious to the fact that none of these names represents what they really stand for.

The left has resorted to using focus groups to produce messages that avoid negative words, framing the discussion so they can avoid saying what they really are. Knowing that the opposition will jump on anything that has been discredited, they attempt to find new ways to say things so that the public does not get alarmed. They painfully remember when Presidential candidate George McGovern promised income equality and was branded a communist. The resulting election defeat almost killed the Democratic Party.

Today, they resolve not to tell us anything. They prefer to hint at things, furtively saying words that mean one thing to one group and another thing to another, avoiding whole topics lest people become offended. Their candidates are slick, well trained, with lots of buzz words that make people feel comfortable. No mask will fall to reveal any form of hatred except hatred of the rich. They don't want to use words like communism or fascism unless they can use them to describe their opposition. In this case, words like racist, haters and fascists are ok to use.

Shouldn't political debate be about saving our society and doing the right things to accomplish that goal? That is the motive of the Tea Party protests. For them, isn’t about blaming the Republicans for the problems created by leftist policies such as subprime lending. It isn’t about complaining that the Republicans are playing politics while President Obama plays politics. It isn’t about moral triangulation that seeks to blame the political opposition for everything evil. It isn't about accusations of racism, Nazism, xenophobia, gerontophobia and prefering rape to fiscal responsibility. It isn’t about motivating your base; it is about saving our society from unending deficit spending and the massive institution of bigger and more coercive government. In this sense, the Tea Party people are the only adults in the room who are decidedly not playing politics. They know that in order to save our country, there are many people on the left and the right, who must be removed from power. This is not a game. It is a matter of saving civilization.

I think people would prefer knowing about the broad principles that leftists hold. Why doesn't the left tell us that they want to move toward fascism? Why don’t they tell us that they have a love affair with the idea of regulating and manipulating the economy? Why do they only make out of context assertions designed to hide what they really stand for? People want answers, not vague generalizations. Indeed, progressives are walking a fine line trying to tell us what they are not; it is time to call their bluff and demand an answer. Are they socialists? Why don't they say so? Are they communists, fascists, welfare-statists? Just what are they? As I said, there are only so many “isms”. It shouldn’t be that hard to answer the question.

As Americans concerned about our country, shouldn't we know the broad principles upon which the progressives want to build the future? After all, every "system" has a broad context of argument and knowledge that is intended to support it. Why doesn't the left admit what it stands for? If it is communism, why not say so? If it is fascism, why not say that this is the best system and provide reasons for it? Why do they never discuss the system they advocate? The Tea Party protestors, in spite of all the negative criticism of capitalism in the media today, at least have the courage to tell people that they stand for capitalism. Only the neo-cons, the leftists pretending to be conservatives, are afraid to say what they stand for. What does the left stand for? Is this not a discussion that we need to have out in the open?

Imagine an election cycle where politicians tell us what they really stand for. They could tell us which system they advocate and why they think it is good for us, what they will do consistent with that system and what we can expect in terms of policy and government action. It would simplify the choice so people wouldn't have to be in the dark. Candidate A says he is a fascist and he'd create massive new government businesses to solve our major problems. Candidate B says she's a capitalist and would eliminate government interference in the economy. That would be a clear choice, society could decide and move forward. The people would be in control of their government again. Why all the secrecy and silence on these issues?

Indeed, when trying to explain to leftists that the broad principle they appear to be following is fascism, I can't get a word in edgewise. How could I say such a thing? How could I accuse our leaders of being fascists? I must be an uneducated right wing radical who doesn't know anything. Our leaders are good people trying to make things better. For them, anyone who would say such a thing is an insane twisted fool. The least you could expect is for them to stop telling you what they are not and give you an explanation of what they are.

Many people, both progressives and conservatives, say they have no problem with a benign mixture of freedom and compulsion. The government can and should decide when to use compulsion in order to advance collective goals, they think. What they ignore is that there is no such thing as a benign compulsion. Compulsion violates the fundamental right of people to use their minds. Compulsion is the opposite of freedom. Mixed government still requires citizens to acquiesce even when their rights are violated. This “social contract” argument means that the government picks winners and losers and decides when someone should be sacrificed for the sake of others. To have a mixed society is to have a collectivist society and to eliminate the principle of individual rights from men’s dealings. Some commentators have shown that this sort of mixture inevitably leads to totalitarianism. As the government attempts to deal with the failures of “a little” control, it must move toward more and more control, until inevitably society becomes totalitarian and collapses.

To prove that our system is fascism, let's look at the situation we are establishing today under the President. What are the basic premises of fascism? What basic ideas make it possible?

1) Fascism is anti-capitalist and crony capitalist
2) Fascism denies individual and full property rights
3) Fascism jails or kills the most productive people in society
4) Fascism uses pseudo-science to justify itself in its broadest policies
5) Fascism engages in group warfare
6) Fascism requires altruism, sacrifice of the individual, and collectivism, sacrifice for the state

Let’s look at each point and identify the similarities with our present system.

1) Fascism is anti-capitalist and crony capitalist. Because fascism must “justify” its actions, it must first accuse businesspeople who seek profit of being against society (as it is doing today against the Tea Party protesters and Wall Street (and sometimes Jews)). It also enlists the aid of the largest business organizations to control the rest of society. It creates cronies who are kept in business by government and who enrich themselves in the process. These cronies are often called "useful idiots".

2) Fascism denies individual and full property rights. It must take the income of the rich in order to partially pay its deficits while expressing a fake populism (that’s what the Occupy Wall Street people are advocating). It assumes the right to do whatever it likes with any citizen, his property and his rights. In a fascist society, the citizen who does not go along with the state is admonished for his selfishness and “anti-social” behavior.

3) Fascism jails or kills the most productive people in society. In a fascist state, there is no due process or it is selective based upon the desires of the state. Anyone who is deemed “self-interested”, as opposed to properly socialized, is considered a criminal worthy of public chastisement and ridicule, even imprisonment (that is also what the Occupiers want).

4) Fascism uses pseudo-science to justify itself in its broadest policies. The government uses fake science to provide a “scientific” argument to justify the government’s coercive actions (note the left’s statements that all the best economists have blessed their policies?).

5) Fascism engages in group warfare. They pretend to act as representatives for the largest collective (or race) that will be used to purify the society of the profit-makers (racism and multiculturalism).

6) Fascism requires altruism, sacrifice of the individual, and collectivism, sacrifice for the state. It uses these broad ideas to demand that people sacrifice for the state (listen to the speeches of President Obama who counsels community service and shared sacrifice and spreading the wealth).

Although some other coercive systems have tendencies in these areas, fascism is distinctly a mixture of coercive elements and property rights. In fact, our representative government, the government founded upon the Constitution was explicitly created to eliminate all tendencies found in coercive-style governments.

I mentioned that today’s leftists have a love affair with fascism and one need only look at the history of the last century to see this. Progressives have always engaged in the practices listed in my six characteristics; and where they have refused to praise fascism by name, they still praise, in glowing phrases, the ideas that support fascism, the anti-capitalism, the ridicule of profit, the selective disregard for property rights, the crony capitalism, the pseudo-science, the collectivism and the calls for sacrifice to the group. What they do not praise in name, they praise in practice.

The opposite of fascist society is capitalism. Yet, the left accuses capitalism of needing the government; while the left uses and needs the government to achieve its coercive ends. The left accuses capitalism of being zero-sum; of choosing winners and losers; yet it is the left who uses government to create winners and losers, through the cronies who receive government bailouts, grants and loan guarantees. The left accuses capitalism of fostering corporate welfare; yet it is the left that practices and demands corporate welfare and cronyism.

Most leftists assume that their premises are correct, scientific and moral. The truth is their ideas are incorrect, unscientific and immoral. Fascists have always sought the destruction of civilizations built up by human values as well as the destruction of individuals. Those people who think that the coercive measures of the Obama administration are intended to do good, do not understand that these very ideas are the same that guided the rulers of brutal and murderous fascist dictatorships. Leftists think they are good people; yet they have countenanced for decades the very form of fascism that caused the holocaust and concentration camps. The Jews were sacrificed because they were good, prosperous and educated…just as capitalists throughout history have been sacrificed, vilified and hated…because they are good, prosperous and educated.

Leftists attempt to portray themselves as advancing a moral ideal, sacrifice for the collective, when this very idea caused the atrocities and wars of the last century. And they are animating and justifying the wars of our existing President through the self-sacrificial idea of “responsibility to protect” which is nothing more than the sacrifice of young Americans for the sake of the President’s next election.

The ideas of the left are so wrong, so disconnected from society, that they cloud the left’s ability to operate according to the principles upon which our society was founded. This makes them enemies of civilization who demand that the rights of some must be violated in order to create artificial rights and dubious entitlements for others.

We must understand what the progressives have been hiding and obfuscating for decades. They don't want you to understand that they advocate coercion as a basic principle. They advocate the violation of individual rights, some more than others, but in essence; that is progressivism. This is true of all progressives, even those who long for the old days of being called "liberals". All progressives are against the Constitution as it was originally intended. When you understand this, you understand why they are so dangerous...particularly this band of gangsters in charge today.

When it comes to society, there are only two options, freedom or coercion. It is your choice.

A society based upon freedom outlaws all forms of coercion especially the selective violation of property rights. Properly, capitalism does not allow the government to interfere in the economy as a matter of protecting individual rights. And, more importantly, a free society, over time, not only becomes freer, but also more civilized and morally superior. Fascism will always be less productive and morally inferior to capitalism. The advocacy of fascism borders on insanity. History has shown this.

Some people mistakenly think that some coercion is proper. This is the mistake they make that turns them into compromisers for fascism. They believe that government should regulate certain parts of the economy, not because of some realistic evaluation of capitalism but because they believe man is a predator who must be controlled. Their view of capitalism as dog-eat-dog, which is wrong, moves them to make forced adjustments to the economy, each of which results in violations of the rights of individuals. All coercive societies such as communism, fascism, socialism and welfare-statism require that some citizens be forced to support other citizens. In fact, the controls and regulations that leftists want, do no good, make things worse and create inefficiencies. Almost all the problems in our nation today are the result of leftist ideas intended to “correct” the capitalist system that needs no correction.

The left is responsible for all of our problems and it is time to get rid of them so society can advance, once again, to freedom and prosperity.

Vote them out. Vote them all out.

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