Monday, October 17, 2011

The Death of the Fascist Left

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests sweeping the country are the harbingers of a new and powerful grassroots movement. The outrage expressed in these demonstrations is aimed at the insidious influence of “fat cats”. I say, not so fast, American media.

The intention of these protests is to hide one simple fact; that our economic problems are the fault of the Democrats. Their purpose is not only to deflect blame but to wrongly accuse capitalism for the problems caused by too much government regulation. This same tactic was used by Democrats during the last great depression when, in fact, the depression had been caused by government regulation, instituted primarily by Democrats.

For instance, the argument that the housing collapse was caused by deregulation of the mortgage industry is simply not true. The players who caused the collapse were quasi-governmental agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to lend to unworthy loan applicants (under threat of prosecution by the government) and the work of organizations like ACORN and Democratic Party cronies who overwhelmed the system with bad loans. The only private institutions involved were Wall Street investment firms that were sold bad loans as good investments. What opinion makers ignore is that the banking and investment industries are two of the most heavily regulated industries in the country. It wasn't deregulation that caused the housing collapse; it was government money laundering schemes instituted primarily by the Democrats.

The protests, sometimes called the “American Spring” (taking place in the fall) are patterned after the Arab Spring that changed the Middle East; not necessarily for the better. It appears that the original intent of the protesters was to take the Middle East in the Spring, the United States in the Summer and then to bask in the glory of having fulfilled the socialist dream in a mere few months - not bad work for a genius President. Yet the demonstrations scheduled for May in the USA did not take place due to news coverage that identified the instigators of these protests as George Soros, the unions and sundry communist bomb throwers from the 60s (also known as friends of President Obama). In any event, the May takeover of America was not attempted until the fall.

In spite of the embarrassing delays, the Occupy Wall Street protests are being touted by the media as a new (and real) anti-crony capitalist groundswell. At the same time, many of the protesters support the policies of the President who happens to be the biggest crony capitalist in history. The protesters' demands for new “controls" on Wall Street have exposed the weakness of the left and its inability to offer a counter argument against the pro-capitalist Tea Party movement. In the past, leftist protesters rioted against the system, breaking windows and enciting police in a wave of violence and revolution. These protesters today are rioting somnambulistically for more government, crying because the cronies are the more beloved of Obama. It is a protest against unrequited love. Lenin is laughing in his grave.

In fact, the protests strangely follow the Cloward-Piven strategy, the idea that the best way to bring down capitalism (and institute socialism) is to overwhelm the system. I suspect that these protesters are prepared to stay on the streets until the government appeases them in some way. (Have you wondered where they are getting their money? I'll bet it is coming from stimulus dollars paid to unions and then funneled back from the unions to support and pay the organizations holding the protests.) And if the Wall Street protesters are not allied with President Obama, why are all the organizers allied with him?

Yet, these protests are doomed to fail. Eventually, most of the protesters will go home to answer to their parents. America will not be brought down. The protests will have become an embarrassment to the left which will become an embarrassment to President Obama who will have no answer to the Tea Party movement. President Obama will not grow in popularity; he will become desperate for a way to launder more money. But the left will have shot its last shot. It will be out of ideas, out of lies and out of money. Why?

I think the answer is that the left has been on cruise control for several decades. They are like school children repeatedly reciting formulas not connected to reality.They are doing all the things that leftists do but nothing is working with the American people. They believe they can still undermine capitalism and gain power, but the American people are decidedly more intelligent and knowledgeable than they. President Obama is in the same position. He will become a laughing stock as his arguments continue to be unimpressive. The American people have heard it all before.

The truth is that the left is out of ideas and they don't know it. They don't even realize that the hated capitalists and Tea Party protesters know a lot more than they. They know that capitalism is the greatest, most productive, fairest and most powerful productive machine in history; so productive that it has already swallowed the protesters by providing products that they cannot do without.

The left relies primarily on the implication that capitalism creates predators and greedy people who would do anything to make money, even kill their customers if it meant a profit. According to them, capitalists are polluters, thieves, racists, rapists, baby killers and gangsters who ride in jet airplanes, contribute money to conservative causes, smoke cigars and fornicate all the way to the bank. This prejudice against business people is their Achilles Heal because reality does not conform to their faith.

The left's attacks on capitalism are like the arguments of an ungrateful child who is not happy with the size of his allowance. Mom and Dad are immoral, selfish, wanting to keep their money to themselves, refusing to help others and hoarding money they will never spend, did not earn and should not have. Yet, in today's world, it takes more than an ungrateful child to make a valid argument for the total destruction of the greatest productive system in history. Somebody should tell that to the protesters.

If you look at the history of the progressive movement, there has never been an inferiority complex on the left until today. The left has always considered itself to be better educated, more logical, more knowledgeable of history and morally correct. This is why they have ruled the universities. So what has happened to the left? Where did they lose it? I think they lost it long ago when they closed their eyes to the fact that their progressive movement has always been based in fascism.

For instance, early progressives, in the early part of the last century, loved Hitler and saw him as a prophet, a genius and a master at building the German economy. It was only after the start of World War 2 that Hitler became an embarrassing pariah for them. And even Mussolini was once considered a superman whose fascist policies and controls were thought of as master strokes of genius. Even some American intellectuals openly preached fascism as a new kind of government, better, more advanced, more intelligent and more productive. The left has always loved fascism; and they still love it today; they just don't want to admit it.

Early leftist favorites, Hitler and Stalin devastated their countries and the world while Americans remained relatively protected against government treachery and violent revolution. As time went on, after the defeat of the dictatorships in Germany, Italy and Japan, fascism, in name, became discredited; but not fascism in practice; the idea that government should control the economy and force citizens to work toward "social justice" was still considered a positive social ideal.

This explains why leftist politicians, college professors and journalists never tell you what they actually stand for, and in fact, most of them don't know that their advocacy of a mixed economy is a roadmap toward full control; and that the end of the road is actually fascism. I would call this epistemological sleight of hand, word games where people don't know the actual nature of the systems they advocate. During World War 2, we knew we were fighting fascism. Today, the left does not know that it is advocating fascism.

This means that the basic principle of fascism was not defeated by World War 2. In spite of all the war dead, we did not defeat the idea that governments had a right to control and manipulate the economy. This mantra for citizen-sacrifice was repeated over and over, taught to us and our children, and slowly, the fabric of our constitution was unravelled. Today, because of our educational system, it is possible for the President of our country to say that the Constitution is inadequate. He can declare with little debate that our founding document was wrong because it did not allow for income-redistribution. So, while people are afraid to use the “f” word, we are quickly moving toward systematic government control of every aspect of our economy. In fact, those with the courage to speak the word are called unpatriotic, stupid and uneducated for doing so. Yet, today, the left is in the streets again asking for fascism.

Fascism is the system of government that allows the government the power to regulate the economy for the sake of “social” goals. This is what the word meant before World War 2, it is what the word meant while we were fighting World War 2 and this is what fascism means today…whether we admit it or not. Those Americans hiding their heads in the sands, refusing to acknowledge reality, who think that life will always be free in America, are hiding from the truth. Fascism will mean the same devastation to their lives that it meant to Europe with its concentration camps, racism, anti-capitalism, anti-individualism, collectivism, pseudo-science and war. They will come to this rude awakening only after feeling the muzzle of a gun poking their behinds.

The Tea Party protestors are watching the OWS protests with more than mere interest. These demonstrations are a coordinated effort by the left to protest the very conditions that the left's policies have created, and to blame those policies and their results on the capitalist system. One will note that fascists, anarchists and communists from all over the world are throwing their support behind this newly invented “movement”. This is no coincidence. The radical leftists that run the unions and organize these college students are fascists, anarchists or communists themselves. Their goal is to steamroll governments, and hopefully, the government of the United States, to respond to their demands by instituting more government controls and regulations of the few free market institutions left. The final government control that they seek is the silencing of the Tea Party movement through purges and political disenfranchisement. In other words, they want to get rid of any vocal opposition that would prove the left's intellectual bankruptcy and barbarism. We have time to stop them but not much.

The left has created so many non-existent straw men regarding capitalism that their view of the world seems surreal and phony. That is why it is hard for honest Americans to understand their outrageous behaviour and the faked moral certitude of their anti-capitalism. Their ideas lead to the destruction of real people who just want to make a living. And now, those real people know what they are up to.

The Tea Party protesters know that Marxism is a system of lies. They know that the Obama administration, through associates in the unions, as well as the communists and far-leftists, have been orchestrating these demonstrations. They know that Obama is seeking to use these demonstrations to win the next election. This is the left's last stand before the progressive movement fades away into the pages of history as another wrong turn for man and society.

The two biggest problems today for the left are that its policies have brought our nation to the point of collapse and the Tea Party protesters have realized it and tried to stop them. The Tea Party movement has brought the left to the point of hysterical panic. Their "revolution" was destined to win until the Tea Parties came along. Hence, the OWS protests.

The attacks against the Tea Party movement, the lies, the guilt by association, the anti-capitalism of the left are designed to steamroll the Tea Party movement out of existence. The leftists have willing accomplices in the Republican power elites and the neo-cons. The comments made by Republican Congressman Eric Cantor on Fox News Sunday on 10/16/11 that he understood the “frustration” of the protestors is a case in point. If Cantor does not recognize that these protests are manufactured, that they are leftist in nature, how can Republicans represent an opposition movement to the left? How can they fight for freedom? He is signalling that the Republicans are willing to jettison their support of capitalism for the sake of winning second class status to the Democrats. Not so fast, Mr. Cantor.

While President Obama cynically tried to tie his spending policies to the civil rights movement, the neo-con Bill Kristol declared that the best policy for fighting the idiotic Wall Street protestors is surrender to the idiots:

“A surge is in fact the way to go—an intellectual, policy, and political countersurge to both the Obama administration and to Occupy Wall Street. The protesters don't like crony capitalism? Offer bold proposals to reform it. They don't like Wall Street? Conservatives should offer policies to benefit Main Street and seek to curb Wall Street abuses. The protesters don't like the glorification of money? Nor do conservatives, who put God, country, and family before business, and who respect the military, churches, active citizens, and stay-at-home moms more than bond traders (no offense, bond traders!).”(1)

You'd think this is a joke, but this advice to surrender government policy to a manufactured protest is why the Republicans of the Karl Rove variety are as bad for our country as are the radical leftists. The radical leftists admit they hate America while the neo-cons agree that in order to save America we must destroy capitalism. That’s a real “countersurge” for you. Again, not so fast, Mr. Kristol.

The Occupy Wall Street protests represent an effort by the crony capitalists who have a stake in fascism to take over the system before their movement fizzles and dies. The situation is similar to that after the riots in Chicago in the late 60s that caused the “silent majority” backlash exploited by Nixon. Only this time, the backlash will be different. The real countersurge will be a principled demand for capitalism’s resurgence and a total "intellectual" defeat of the left and its ideology.

The left is losing the battle of ideas. They have only violence to offer the American people and the American people are not buying.

The Tea Party movement is winning. The only thing we have to fear…really…are the Republican elites who will try to stuff their surrender down our throats.

Beware of Romney.


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