Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Capitalism Evil? Part 1

For many people around the world, America is a feared nation. Americans are considered arrogant and self-centered, always after profit and eager to win at all costs. Why are we so hated and feared? Why do so many wish to destroy us? Why do so many celebrate when we die?

We are told by many on the left that we deserved to be attacked on September 11th because we have decimated the lives of people all over the world. We are told we should be more inclusive of the Palestinians and stop stealing the resources of other nations. We are told that the terrorists are merely paying us back for all of the atrocities we have committed.

When you see demonstrations held in other countries against America you can’t help but notice the intense anger expressed by these people toward our country. The media has no problem broadcasting these demonstrations worldwide but they seldom attempt put them into context. The question you have to ask is: what do these angry people know about America? Have they ever met an American? Have they ever been exploited and cheated by an American? Were any of their family members treated cruelly by an American? I would say, probably not. So why are they so angry? Is it real anger?

I call it political anger and it is fake. These people will go home to watch American movies and wear American blue jeans and learn about the latest American fad or gadget. But you never see these people protesting against Luxembourg or any other nations. Why America?

There are essentially two related reasons why America is the most hated country on earth and neither of them has anything to do with what America has done. First, is the dominance of the philosophy of altruism around the world. Altruism is the belief that the highest moral purpose of life is to sacrifice for others. Altruists hate America because capitalism has made Americans wealthy by almost any standard. Americans do not see themselves as sacrificial offerings but as autonomous beings with the right to enjoy their wealth. Second, any nation that is not based on altruism is considered evil in the same way that any person who seeks to accomplish things for his own sake is considered selfish.

America is considered evil because of what it stands for even though American principles have created much good in the world. There is a cognitive disconnected between the greatness of America and the moral judgement of America. Who or what group is responsible for propagating this cognitive disconnect? Who benefits from this dominant moral judgement of America?

To answer this question, we must look at the originators of moral outrage against America. They are the communists, anarchists and anti-capitalists who foment revolution. They were educated in American and European universities and picked up their ideas from Marxist and socialist university professors. With the help of the media, that was also educated in the same universities, the anti-American and anti-capitalist lies are repeated over and over. People whose life experiences seldom come into contact with America or capitalism are then taught to hate America.

I call the fear of America “Ameriphobia”. As I wrote in my blog post of the same title, “The source of Ameriphobia is predominantly Karl Marx. Marx’s critique of capitalism is reputed to spell out certain flaws in capitalism that have their solution in socialism. Marx’s anti-capitalism parallels religious ideas found in a number of prominent religions. It is based upon a general antipathy toward commerce, profit and usury expressed by many religions. In fact, the critique of capitalism in Karl Marx’s writings is also similar to and parallels the critiques of America expressed by terrorists and many radical Imams today.“

The anti-capitalism drum of Marxists and other critics must be constantly beaten in order to avoid discussing the very real truth that Marxist and socialist solutions to the so-called flaws of capitalism are worse than capitalism. To quote again from “Ameriphobia”:

“These beliefs about capitalism are repeated constantly all over the world and especially in American universities where many Muslims come to be educated. They create a massive prejudice among average people all over the world toward America and American businesspeople. They are expressed in American movies by American actors and they create prejudice against anything American. They justify countless unnecessary and restrictive regulations of capitalism and they justify and animate many anti-capitalist and anti-American groups that foster and commit violence around the world. These groups and their false ideas poison the world against self-interest, justify dictatorships and foment hate and destruction. They have devastated and impoverished the 20th Century and stand poised to destroy our economies today. Because they are connected to the left, they implicate the leftists in America who use these ideas to run our nation into the ground.”

Several common fallacies are constantly broadcast around the world. The goals of these fallacies are to denigrate, defeat and destroy capitalism. These fallacies can be expressed by the following statements:

Fallacy 1. Capitalism is evil because it is individualistic rather than collectivist
Fallacy 2. Capitalism is inefficient and socialism is efficient
Fallacy 3. Capitalism is Imperialistic and warlike
Fallacy 4. Capitalism is decadent and immoral

In the rest of this post, I will analyze these fallacies in order to show that they are false and destructive of civil society - and that they are the source of most of the world’s problems.

The people who believe in these fallacies, through their actions, have destroyed countless nations and are responsible for the destruction of trillions of dollars in property and millions of lives.

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