Monday, June 13, 2011

Are Americans Empty?

We’ve heard this before: Capitalism has made man into a robot, an unfeeling machine who knows no pleasure and who cares only about work. Capitalism devalues man and turns him into a tool of the capitalists, unrewarded and unthinking.

These criticisms come from progressive thinkers who invent “reasons” to attack capitalism and cause people to hate it. They want to destroy capitalism and if they can convince people that it is evil, they can dismantle it through re-distribution. Why? They know that capitalism helps people individuate and makes them too smart to melt into a collective. Progressives need collectives in order to march men into a future where each sacrifices to all.

Any human being who attacks the capacity of man for enjoyment is a killer; a hater who would slit the throats of millions of people with his own hand. He is the equivalent of men in history who killed dissent. Anyone who criticizes capitalism is just as evil as the murderous mass killer because of the good that he forbids to come into existence and the lies he tells young people; lies that send them on paths of self-destruction and revolution against the most civilized and benign economic system in history.

Progressives need to make sure that people never realize that capitalism is about values; that capitalism releases man to trade value for value. They want to make sure you never understand the nature of capitalism and the freedom that it creates. They don’t want you to know that capitalism is the most profound and spiritual economic system ever created. So they denigrate the values created by capitalism and the spiritual, valuing nature that is released by it. Progressives need to destroy values in order to win by default as proponents of the only non-value that they advocate: sacrifice. So they denigrate the individual mind, individual choice, individual pleasure, enjoyment and especially pride and self-respect. Any human trait that creates values is ridiculed, especially those that bring about human convenience, enjoyment and self-understanding.

I don't agree that Americans are empty. On the contrary they are free to make of themselves what they like and this requires self-confidence and an ability to stand alone. The reason that progressives criticize Americans for being "empty" is that many Americans are not about sacrificing their minds and dreams for the sake of progressive goals. Therefore, since Americans live for themselves, to the progressive, they must be empty. But Progressives don't recognize, nor do they honor the fact that freedom makes it possible for Americans to specialize in areas that relate to their working lives. Since Americans are able to develop their knowledge into specialized areas, this creates a situation where they do not "know" a lot of things the progressives think they should know such as their duty to sacrifice for the collective. But they do know lots of things that relate more deeply to their individual lives.

Specialization requires that the individual develop his mind in the direction of a specific area of knowledge. Progressives want man to think only of the collective and have a "we" philosophy. But specialization is something only an "I", an ego, can accomplish. Because Americans are free, they can do whatever they choose to do as long as it is peaceful. And this is the reason progressives think Americans are empty. In fact, it is progressives who are empty because they can think of no moral principle but one: sacrifice to the collective--one of the worst and most deadly ideas in history.

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