Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Generation We"

If you’ve seen this video,

you may have been inspired by its message. Isn’t it great that “Generation We” has learned to take responsibility, unlike their parents who were a bunch of selfish brutes? Isn’t it inspiring to see our young people planning on using government the right way to make the world a better place? Will they make history? You bet.

"Generation We” is about everyone getting together, it is about collecting human souls and human energy; about every individual sacrificing for the sake of the world. They congratulate themselves for being the first generation to “get it”, to understand that for the first time, they are going to take socialism seriously and really make it happen. It is time to stop exploitation and start sacrificing, they tell themselves. What a noble ideal! Only if you are “Generation We” are you wise enough to know better than your parents, wise enough to know that it is about time that "we" got serious about making a better world through universal sacrifice of all too all. How revolutionary! How new! How totally brilliant you are! Why didn't my generation think of that?

Do you know that you have swallowed the tripe preached by your teachers and that you’ve accepted it without question? Your teachers did not tell you the whole story; they forgot to tell you about the consequences of demanding, at the point of a gun, that people sacrifice. They forgot to tell you about the very real consequences that happened every time collectivism (We-ism) has been tried in the past.

Why haven’t your teachers told you the whole story? If they had told you, then they wouldn’t have been able to create “Generation We” out of you. You see, your teachers are from my generation and I know that they know that collectivism has always failed. What does that make of you? Something special? No, it makes you a dupe who will follow the collectivists from my generation into oblivion…literally. It makes you into a robot unable and unwilling to originate a single individual thought with your own mind. No one really thinks that you came up with this "Generation We" idea all by yourselves. It sounds so much like my generation, so Madison Avenue, so focus grouped, so communistic, so 60s radicals, so Soviet, you know, my generation...the generation too stupid to "get it".

Collectivism has never ended well throughout history and yet our young people think that, somehow, this time, "we" will solve all the world’s problems. What they don’t know is that collectivism has been tried before. Yes, it has been tried by other generations who thought they were "Generation We". The skulls of their victims have been buried for decades now.

Today’s children don’t realize that the answer to the world’s problems was discovered with the Founding of our nation; through the principle that the government should not force people into herds of unthinking fools who do only what they are told. "Generation We” foolishly thinks that the answer to the world’s problems is for a supposedly benign government to forcibly ensure that everyone sacrifices for the collective. They fall for the lies about collective duty, about “giving back”, about loving mankind, about helping the poor, about helping the planet, about destroying capitalism - and they don’t realize that their teachers are nothing but nihilists bent on destruction of the only truly great nation in history, the first nation of free people whose once capitalist nation gives them one of the highest standards of living in history. They've swallowed the tripe that capitalism is evil and must be destroyed. And they don't realize that once capitalism is destroyed, so will that standard of living be destroyed. So Righteous they are in "Generation We". For them, the good society comes with poverty, starvation and slave labor.

"Generation We" doesn't realize that collectivism is the cause of slavery and that collectivism always requires that someone be forced to produce the wealth that is to be re-distributed. They always ignore the question that asks them what happens when the sacrificers refuse to have their energy drained from their bodies with no reward? What happens when people are forced to work for others and wind up starving too? The answer is that those who refuse to sacrifice must be punished, ostracized, killed or enslaved. In response, ”Generation We" self-righteously says that they don’t care about the rich, the able, the strong…they only care about the weak. There! There! There is the secret that they refuse to face: they don’t care about other human beings.

That is the flaw in the collectivist “Generation We”. They profess to love mankind but ignore the fact that they love only part of mankind – the rest of mankind, the strong part, is to be enslaved and vilified and killed. They ignore the fact that their philosophy of collective sacrifice intends to destroy men as a matter of course. And they refuse to acknowledge that they don’t really love the weak…they profess that love only because it gives them a “reason” and an excuse for hating the strong.

What is the outcome of thinking like "Generation We”, those strong, intelligent, better-educated-than-their-parents young people? Read the history of a past “Generation We” that was also unaware that their attitude destroyed Soviet Russia and other countries.

"Generation We" will destroy more nations, kill more people and leave a trail of destruction like none ever seen before—because they have swallowed the lies of anti-capitalism. Any generation of people who thinks capitalism is the world's worst problem is destined to destroy capitalists...people trying to survive by trade. It starts with anti-capitalism as in Soviet Russia, Communist China, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Venezuela... and many more nations, and it ends in concentration camps and mass graves...every time. If you think your love for humanity will not allow slavery and imprisonment of innocent people, remember, Stalin and Mao were considered humanitarians during their lifetimes and they killed millions...of capitalist "traitors". Even Che, that hero of humanitarianism, had no problem summarily executing former capitalists in Cuba - that means without trial.

Remember that when you declare that all we have to do is “get together”. Collectivism, your "Generation We" philosophy, is the starting point for destruction...every single time. So take a lesson, young people, because when "we", your parents and grandparents, are gone, you'll be on your own to learn the consequences of your ideas. Yes, you are going to make history...bloody history.

Learn the lesson now before you find yourself in a mass grave.

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