Thursday, April 7, 2011


By Robert Villegas, Jr.

The world is mounted on a horse going nowhere.
It was placed there by a mindless demon, while plotting the curse he did cast.
The horse is dying of a gray disease.
'Twas injected by this mindless demon while looking at the cursed past.
The horse now gallops on in darkness.
He shakes the world strapped to his saddle and wonders how long he will last.
And Plato, and Hegel and Popper and Hume cry they are helpless to the mindless demon who laughed at the curse he'd cast.

The chains, and the ropes, and the blades of war cry they were placed there for the good of heaven while binding and pricking us all.
The horse that is riding on a path going nowhere is our last and only salvation, but he wonders when he will fall.
The fascists mounted and the muslims too.
They were placed there by public relations.
The demon did not have to call.
And Hitler, and Lenin, Mussolini and Stalin are disciples of this mindless demon who has strapped mankind to a wall.

And the leftists and rightists sit to watch "I Love Lucy."
They were placed there by their mindless urges to enjoy the results of their work.
And when they hear that Big Brother is coming, they will buy tranquilizers and teach their children to smirk.
And when the eyes of the world have been shut and truth depends on their mindless purges, the demon will not have to lurk.
For Obama and Soros, and Powers and Sunstein will do all the demon's dark work.

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