Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ugly Unwashed Savages

We’ve seen it before: the moral outrage aimed at America in places that still don’t have running water.  Our children may be too young to know, but those in my generation also saw this outrage on television when we were young - from places all over the world, ginned up by pro-Soviet agitators who railed against capitalism and the evils it had supposedly done in the world.  Most of these people are now wearing American blue jeans and riding their bikes to real capitalist jobs so they can feed their brood. 
But the arguments of the America haters are the same as they were in the past, America is evil, America is imperialistic, America robs the poor and leaves them destitute.  Forget that these are lies; today’s protesters are repeating the same line…without the help of the KGB.  Even the flag-burning and effigy-burning are the same. 
In difficult times throughout our past, Americans have been exceptional.  Where others have been hateful and bigoted toward us, Americans seek reason, understanding and fairness.  Where others have gone into the streets and expressed hatred for our way of life, we have been (too) tolerant and respectful of their views.  When many of these people are devastated by disaster, our nation is the most generous in providing aid.  In spite of our goodness, our media has striven to show hateful images of angry faces because they want us to think that we should accommodate the protesters in some way.  By this reasoning, we are evil, and they are right to hate us.  Today, our leaders insist that we should not respond to these endless provocations so that the savages won’t have a reason to kill us.  Elliott Ness where are you?  What happened to the idea of fighting evil rather than accommodating it?
I think it is time to send the savages a message.  Why do we continue to keep quiet while these poverty-laden idiots on the streets are depicted as perceptive and morally righteous? Why do they consider us “ugly Americans” intent on dominating the world when we have been the liberators against tyranny of more people than any other nation?  Their contorted expressions of bitter hate are not based on anything we have done, but upon lies told to their leaders by our university professors. It is time to realize that if anyone is bigoted and bullying it is not Americans; it is those who pretend to have moral outrage against us.  We are the good people in the world, the best that have ever existed, the most civilized, the most educated and the most respectful anywhere.  Anyone who has moral outrage against us must be a hater of the good.  
Today, as we stand in the shadows of remembrance of the vicious hatred and murder of our fellow citizens, we strive to think deeply and carefully.  In spite of the fact that our leaders appear to agree with the America-haters of the world, many of us are silent.  We seldom defend Israel because our leaders no longer support the only real bastion of freedom in the Middle East.  We seldom defend our capitalist system when it is the only system that has brought abundance and relieved more poverty than any dictatorship that hates us.  We keep hiring American university professors who spout archaic and invalid Marxist lies about capitalism to students from all over the world…directly causing the undeserved hatred toward America.  If anyone is responsible for terrorism and hatred of America it is American college professors.  We seldom defend our right to our abundance and instead we elect leaders who are bent on giving it away to those who scratch rocks for food because their leaders won’t let them be free.
It is time someone told the anti-Americans all over the world what we think of them; they are uncivilized, ignorant, barbaric, poorly educated, bigoted and totally undeserving of the attention they get from our media.   We really don’t care about their fake anger. 
Tomorrow on September 12th, 2010, we will speak the truth.  The time for hating America without response is over.  The time for saving freedom has arrived.  Don’t tread on Americans. We will not submit. We will not relent.  You can call us racist, bigoted, hateful and astro turf, and as many other lies as you can think up.  We know what we stand for.  Individual rights, without compromise, without silence.
We don’t care what those ugly, unwashed savages are told to pretend to think.

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